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Corporate Branding Pack

Every company loves their own brand. Millions are spent on promoting and selling the 'brand' to the public.

When hiring our crazy golf courses, we can brand many aspects ofthe course with your logo, sales message, competition details etc.

Pictures here are our most popular branded items, but all of the holes can be branded to a degree, for instance the pirates hole has a nice shiny cannon barrel, just perfect for applying a logo to. The lego hole has plenty of smooth flat surfaces for you to use.

You can also have our Victorian side stalls branded up, take a look...
Corporate Branding Pack
Corporate Branding Pack

In Today's Instagram Generation, Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web, It hasn't just got to be good, it has to look good too.

Branded Banner
Branded Windmill
Branded Golf Balls


Most of our holes can have branded banners attached. These stand up on two poles affixed to the end of the hole and provide a large space perfect to add a sales message or company logo.

Branded Obstacles

Each hole has a different theme, and many of the obstacles can be branded, here its the windmills sails, but we have cannons, ramps, ducks, lego, WW2 tanks, all with space to accept a logo or company name.

Branded Golf Balls

Our smallest customisable item, but many logo's work perfectly well applied to a golf ball.
Branded Hole Flags

Branded Hole Flags

Every hole has a flag marker, and every flag provides yet another branding opportunity.

Branded Score Cards

These offer two opportunities for promotion, the front can carry your logo, the rear a sales message, competition details, special offer etc.

Branded Ball Station

The station where the balls, scorecards and clubs are dispensed carries a large brandable front panel, allowing a supersized logo, or message to be added.

Additional Opportunities

Most of the holes have additional branding opportunities available such as the cannon pictured here from the pirates hole, the barrel is perfect to carry a logo or company name.

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