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Dutch Poffertjes Cart Hire
Dutch Poffertjes With Butter

Hire A Dutch Poffertjes Cart.

A Little Fluffy Piece Of Dutch Heaven

Do you want something unusual for your guests? Ask about our delicious poffertjes today.

Poffertjes, mini Dutch pancakes, drizzled in butter then coated with sugar are little fluffy pieces of joy, making an ideal sweet dessert treat. Although not that well known in this country they are proving popular at weddings, parties and corporate events.

We cook them on traditional poffertjes plaats then serve them in the traditional manner. With a  selection of sauces and toppings and a little cocktail stick and dutch flag to eat them with.

For a luxury treat you can even have them with strawberries and cream.  Choose one of our themed carts and you have a great dessert offering for any event.


If you are a little more adventurous you can turn them into a savoury snack, served with chilli con carne and jalapeno peppers, or bolognese sauce and guacamole or the traditional Dutch Gouda cheese.

All served from our little Dutch Windmill cart.
We use traditional Dutch poffertjes plaats to create our delicious mini pancakes. These cook numerous poffertjes at the same time, and we serve 5 or 6 on a tray.

Dusted in sugar and butter as standard. If you want a more luxury style treat then they can be served with various sauces. Or strawberries and cream make them an ideal summer treat.

If you want something a little different for your guests then this makes a perfect dessert treat. Another of our range of international themed desserts.

Additional international themed desserts are available for you;

Belgian Waffles
French Crepes
Spanish Churros
Mexican Nachos
Freshly Baked Poffertjes on a plaat
Poffetrjes Mix Being Poured

What Are Poffertjes.

Poffertjes are a traditional treat in the Netherlands. Much like a small fluffy pancake they are made with buckwheat flower and yeast. Unlike American style pancakes they have a light and spongy texture.

Similar pancakes are served in Japan as takoyaki, India as paniyaram and Indonesia as kue cubit.
Dutch Pancakes or Poffertjes being prepared
A Poffertjes Plaats

You can have poffertjes on a range of carts;

•Our Poffertjes "Windmill"
•Rustic Wooden Bars.
•Mini Alpine Hut.
•Traditional Victorian Handcart.
•Dutch Themed Cart.

For the Instagram generation it looks as good as it tastes.

Or for corporate events you can advantage of our facilities to design, install and operate a totally custom cart to meet your precise requirements. You can also have custom branded decor, plates and napkins.

Poffertjes Fun Facts.

Although being considered a staple of Dutch cuisine, they were rumored to be invented in France!

Pronounced POFF-er-chez, they are traditionally served with butter, powdered sugar and occasionally stroop, a Dutch cooked sugar syrup.

Dutch mini pancakes are made with yeast, which makes them much lighter than normal pancakes.

If someone calls you a “poffertjesporum”, literally a pancake face, it means you look a little stupid.

A savoury version is available, served with Gouda cheese.

They are cooked in special pans with half round indentations to give them their shape.
Our Little Dutch Windmill Poffertjes Cart
“Poffertjes een klein stukje van de hemel.”

Yvonne Kramer - Dutch Wedding

We offer a U.K. wide service so can cover all of your events.

About the size of a large watch face.

It can be altered to suit your requirements, on a busy event, we find 4 or 5 are ideal.
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Hire Dutch Pancake (Poffertjes) Carts Throughout The U.K. Including London, Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, The North East and The Midlands. These are simply perfect for weddings, parties, corporate functions, military events, company fun days and exhibitions.
Dutch Poffertjes Pancakes
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