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Hire A Miami Thrill Ride

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold

Fast and furious. Modern high speed thrills with decor, light and sound systems to match. This is more compact than any other fairground thrill ride, and can be installed quicker than most.

Known by various names including Miami, Cliffhanger, Spritzer.

Its perfect for all you thrill seekers, from the slightly older children to any age adult, and is a great complement to many of our other attractions.

Ask for a thrilling quote.

High Speed Thrill Rides
Miami Thrill Ride
Safety Is Our Main Feature.

In common with all of our rides, the Miami has a full complement of safety documentation comprising;

•Annual ADIPS Inspection (A Rides MOT).
•Risk Assessments.
•Fire Assessments.
•Method Statements.
•Daily Inspection Log Sheets.

Most of these are legal requirements, so don't hire a ride from an operator that is unable to supply them, you have to ask what other corners they are cutting if they can’t supply necessary documentation.

We specialise in providing top quality attractions that are well presented and maintained, but above all safe for your guests. In today’s litigation hungry world can you really take the chance of anything less
Complementary Attractions.

We are happy to provide you with the Miami ride on its own, or we can design and install a complete package of attractions for your event including;

•Other Thrill Rides.
•Big Wheel
•Children’s Rides.
•Games Units.
•Catering Units.

Popular rides to complement the Miami are the Dodgems, Twister and Waltzer, if you are planning an event contact us and we can tailor a package to meet your precise requirements.
High Speed Thrills.

The ride moves around in circles at high speed, with the seats remaining level. With stunning artwork, state of the art music and lighting systems. This is sure to be a centerpiece at any event.

The state of the art sound and L.E.D. lighting systems keep the party atmosphere pumping.

Of all our fairground rides, the Miami is the quickest to set up and derig and is ideal for events with a short production schedule. It also has a smaller footprint than a typical ride, again opening up possibilities for siting a ride where others wont fit.

For the smaller generation you can choose a mini miami ride , designed for kids upto about 10 years of age this makes a great complement to the full sized ride and packages of both rides are available for family fun day events
Miami Spritzer
Ride History

Originally designed in Holland, the ride started life around 1978 and saw a number of smaller manufacturers attempt different versions, most with limited success.

The rides U.K. debut was in 1990 at an event in Manchester's Picadilly Garden's Christmas fair. The ride quickly took off in this country and saw an absolute explosion in the number of rides being operated over here. It has remained as one of the No.1 rides in this country ever since, and is still as popular at most events.

If you visit the National Fairground Archives site it will give you an in depth history of this thrill ride.

We can provide a ride anywhere in the U.K.

Yes it is classed as a modern thrill ride.

Kids over about 12 should be fine, but there is a height restriction.

Miami Trip Thrill Ride is available in the Full U.K. and Europe. Including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Scotland, London, The North East and The Midlands. It is a fabulous ride at weddings, parties, college balls, military functions, festivals, exhibitions and company fun days.
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