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Espresso Coffee Cart Hire
Twin Espressos Being Poured

The No.1 Espresso Coffee Carts For Hire.

Coffee is definitely the flavour of the century. You only have to look at the explosion in coffee chains in the high street from Costa to Nero.

We offer a mobile coffee van hire service using state of the art espresso machines. Dispensing a full range of drinks, from latte to macchiato. Along with a range of specialty teas, red bush and delicious drinking chocolates.

Our expert baristas, will carefully craft a superb drink for you. Steam the milk with a flourish to create that perfect microfoam, and present you with the best coffee you have tasted. They are not just there to dispense drinks, but to do it with style.

Coffee carts make a perfect complement to any of our food carts.

Coffee Cart Hire.

Our Mobile Coffee Bars Offer a full range of drinks;

•Flat White.
•Red Bush.
•Specialty Teas.
•Hot Chocolate.

All served by a professional barista from one of our range of high quality themed carts including.

•Traditional Victorian.
•Alpine Hut.
•Saloon Bar.
•Modern L.E.D.
•Mobile Bar
•Mobile Coffee Cart
Humerous Coffee Sign
Life Is Short Enjoy Your Coffee

Our fully stocked coffee bars are supplied with;

•Full Range Of Coffees.
•Specialty Teas.
•Hot Chocolate.
•Trained Baristas.
•All Consumables.

Additionally we can provide extras such as;

•Soft Drinks.

We don't bother with bean to cup machines, if you are going to use them why bother hiring a specialist service in. You may as well let the guests do it themselves. Our service is not just about serving people with a drink, its as much about the theatre of carefully crafting exquisite coffee. Expertly foaming the milk and serving with a flourish.

Hire coffee carts, not just for parties and weddings, they work extremely well at college and university functions, corporate promotions and exhibitions, product launches, basically any type of event. Or just as a simple thank you treat for your staff for a job well done.

Our Range Of Coffee Beans.

We use a selection of top quality Fairtrade coffee beans for our range of drinks. Only the best blends of Robusta and Arabica are used. Specially chosen for their taste and smoothness to provide a superb coffee service. We can even offer high end coffee such as Kopi Luwak (the so called civit coffee, made from beans that have been eaten by the Asian palm civet and passed through their digestive tract).

Our commercial espresso machines allow a high throughput of top quality coffees to keep your guests satisfied.

Where possible all of our consumables are biodegradable. This ensures that we meet our corporate social responsibilities and help towards saving the environment.

For corporate and promotional events, fully branded coffee cups and clutches are available. We have a range of carts with branding options that can have full colour promotional panels. If necessary we can design and build a fully custom cart to your precise requirements.
Coffee Beans Being Spilled
Coffee Beans Spilling From A Cup
Lattee Being Poured and Decorated
Decorated Latte

Espresso Fun Facts

23rd November is National Espresso Day

Crema is the light coloured liquid that comes out at the start of an extraction.

The Italian government regulates espresso. They consider it an essential part of daily life.

An espresso machine uses 132 PSI to extract coffee.

One shot requires approx 50 beans.

It contains 2.5% fat, whilst filtered coffee contains 0.6%.

The International Space Station has brewing facilities on board.

The word espresso means “When something is forced out”, in Italian.

It is pronounced ess-press-so.
What Are The Traditional Drinks In A Coffee Business?

All of the traditional drinks start the same way, with an espresso. The only real difference is the amount of steamed milk, and/or foam added. Basically;

Espresso - A standard extracted shot of coffee.

Latte - Steamed milk,topped with foam.

Cappuccino - Equal measure of milk and foam.

Macchiato - With a dollop of foamed milk.

Americano - Filled up with hot water.

Mocha - Steamed milk, cocoa,topped with foam.

We provide a U.K. wide service so can cover any event.

Yes on request we can bring a decaf option.

Yes and all of our consumables are environmentally friendly.
Q “What do recruitment companies mean to you.”

A “Great Coffee.”

Answer on a questionnaire at a recent conference where we supplied the espresso cart.
Hire espresso cart services, available throughout the U.K. Including Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, The North East, London and The Midlands. It makes a great treat for parties, weddings, corporate events and private parties, military functions and college balls.
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Coffee Beans Spilling Out of A Cup
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