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French Fries In A Cart
French Fries Cart Hire

Hire A French Fries Cart

Or as we more normally refer to them in this country, chips! Off all our catering services, chips are probably the favourite. There are a few people who don't like chips, but they are usually recaptured pretty quickly.

Cooked and served to perfection. Then slathered in anything from traditional tomato ketchup,  (only Heinz of course) to the more exotic continental mayo, we offer something for everyone.

Traditional British street food, our chip catering units are perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, even weddings.

Hire A Chip Cart With Extras

We can offer a range of options to accompany our mobile chip shop, depending on the type of event. This can be the old fashioned fresh fish and chips (battered cod anyone) , or something like frankfurters and fries.

As a corporate catering company we can provide event catering for events ranging from a small private dinner, through to a major company fun day.
A Range Of Sauces
Bottle of Heinz ketchup

A Range Of Carts

We don't offer the boring old fish and chip van or burger vans. Instead we have a range of quirky mobile catering units ranging from a converted horse box, through to a Victorian style hand cart, including;

•Horse Box
•Rustic Bar
•Alpine Hut
•Contemporary LED Bar
•Victorian Hand Cart
•Custom Designed Carts

Don't settle for a boring table top service, in the Instagram generation, the service should look as good as the food tastes! Any catering business that still likes to use paste tables just doesn't cut the mustard, excuse the pun.

Complimentary Options

If you want to add some additional catering to your chip cart, the options below are well worth a look;

Spiral Fries
Frankfurter Cart Hire
Jacket Potato Cart

A Girl Eating Chips
Girl Eating Fries

French Fries Facts

In Belgium there is an actual museum devoted to chips, called the Friet Museum!

Evidently taking fries off your significant others plate, is the No.1 cause of restaurant fights.

Almost 1/4 of all potatoes consumed in America, are eaten as fries.

When Thomas Jefferson served them, they were referred to as "Potatoes, fried in the French manner"

There are at least 18 types of French Fries

Five Guys cooks its chips in peanut oil


We can provide you with a service throughout the U.K.

Yes mainly Heinz and HP

In environmentally friendly paper cones.
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Hire French Fries Carts  across the U.K. and Europe. Including The North East, Lancashire, The Midlands, Yorkshire, London and Scotland. They make a perfect reception treat for weddings, parties, corporate events, exhibitions, military balls, college events, birthday parties, product launches and company fun days, chip cart hire.
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