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One Of Our Range Of Fun Giant Snow Globe
Christmas Themed Giant Snow Globe

Giant Christmas Snow Globe Photo Booth Hire.

Our range of giant snow globes are a photo booth to the max, just like the little globes you used to shake as a child these have artificial snow inside, a themed backdrop and a photographer to capture the magic.

Our small size globes are ok for 5-6 people, the largest globes suitable for groups, creating a unique attraction with real wow factor.
Christmas Backdrop In Our Giant Snow Globe
Frozen Backdrop In Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth
Our snow globe booths come with;

•Themed Backdrop
•Internal Christmas Themed Props
•Special Fake  Snow
•2 Globe Butlers
•Unlimited Use
•Guest Book If Required

The standard backdrops are festive themed, but we can have custom printed panels installed to suit any requirement. For corporate events you can have your logo or sales message on the backdrop, sure to be a big hit with your customers, and a wonderful long term attraction.
Christmas Themed Snow Globe Hire
Another Themed Snow Globe Photo Booth

Hire A Giant Snow Globe

Our giant inflatable Christmas Snow Globes use external photographers rather than the automated system installed in our regular booths, for the Globes we used;

•High Speed Dye Sublimation Printers
•Canon DSLR Cameras
•Modern Laptop Systems For Processing

This is an ideal festive booth, but it can be themed for different events by changing the backdrop. We have operated inflatable snow globes for a number of years and can advise on the best options for your specific requirements.
Frozen Themed Backdrop In Our Snow Globe
Closr Up Of Our Frozen Themed Back Drop
The Giant Snow Globe is a unique type of attraction available for events throughout the U.K. and Europe. This is totally different to the usual booths in a box and makes a stunning centrepiece for any event.

As the globe is supplied fully dismantled it can be carried into any venue, subject to the roof being high enough.

It can also be operated outdoors, and makes an ideal attraction to draw people to an exhibition stand or pull them into a shopping centre.

Although its main use tends to be at Christmas events, or winter wonderland themed parties, it can be themed in many different ways to create a perfect photo opportunity year round.

For those festive themed parties we also offer a Christmas Taxi Booth and a Giant Christmas Bauble Snow Globe.

Our snow globes can be set up to automagically share the images via social media, whether this is to a companies Facebook page, or to a page set up specifically for a wedding or similar. We can also supply social media tablets allowing guests to share their images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and via Email.

Our globes are provided with a Christmas themed backdrop as standard, but the removable rear panel allows a fully custom printed backdrop to be installed to promote a companies brand, ideal for exhibitions or sales promotions. The external fencing and control booth can be similarly branded to provide a comprehensive corporate promotions package, coupled with our social media sharing options this allows sophisticated branding opportunities.

What do we need to say about Christmas, that time of Yuletide cheer and goodwill to all, beloved by young and old alike.

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History Of The Snow Globe

The original miniature snow globe, the type we all shook as children and watched in wonderment as then snow swirled around. Was invented at the end of the 19th century by the Austrian Erwin Perzy. He was a producer of surgical instruments and was trying to develop an extra bright lightsource for use as a surgical lamp.

Whilst trying to intensify the candlepower of a Schusterkugel, (a water filled flask used to focus light, invented in the middle ages), by adding particle produced from different materials for reflection purposes. The effect reminded him of a snowfall, and it is said that this provided the inspiration for a snow globe.

He built his first globe with the basilica of Mariazell as a model inside. Due to the demand for globes, Perzy along with his brother Ludwig opened a shop in Vienna, where production continues to this day as a family business

These original globes are still made from glass and exported throughout the world, the material used for the 'snow' is a production secret handed down through the generations.
Nowadays, like many things, companies produce much cheaper globes made from plastic, usually made in China and Hong Kong. The original globes only contained churches as the diorama, but nowadays are available with a multitude of offerings.

The Giant Inflatable Globe

The photo booth experience offered by these giant globes, gives you the opportunity to be placed inside a super sized version of the little globe you know and love. Obviously they are not liquid filled, we find drowning customers isnt a good long term business plan. Instead they are inflated with air. Specially produced safe fake snow is piled inside, by kicking it over they fan ducts it gives the same effect as swirling the snow in a little globe. Once it has settled, we then take pictures of you inside the globe and print them out on one of our high speed print stations.

We cover the full U.K. with our photo globes.
Giant Snow Globe Hire, Available To Hire Throughout The U.K., Including Scotland, London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, The North East, And The Midlands.
Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth
A variatio on the backdrop themeing in one of our giant snow globe photo booths.
Frozen Themed Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth
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