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Candy Floss Crazy.

In common with many funfair hire operators we can trace our original operations back through many generations, indeed one of our earliest corporate entertainment teams entertained Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle. Gradually we moved away from corporate work into traditional funfair operations. Then about 2009 our supreme leader, MD decided to move back into the world of corporate entertainment.

Over the next 3-4 years, we ended up winning so much work that we left the public funfair arena and specialised purely in paid events.

We provide entertainment to both private clients and corporate clients, we don't continue to operate at normal funfairs and then provide private services as a minor sideline, our entire business is focused purely on servicing the private hire sector, and we recognise the different mindset and more focused approach that is required to operate in this highly competitive arena. Unlike many funfair operators, we realise that customer service isn't a Spanish waiter.

This has resulted in us working regularly for most of the major blue chip clients in the business world. We also provide services to the vast majority of team-building and events companies in the U.K. so the chances are we have already provided attractions for you.

Currently we offer an industry leading package of safety documentation, and have an in house PAT testing service, environmental policy team, and adhere to and in many cases exceed  industry best practice.

We hold level 3 hygiene certificates, and are currently working towards level 4.

Where possible our catering items are both Fairtrade, and biodegradable in line with our environmental aims

All of our attractions have £10 million public liability insurance, and rides all carry up to date ADIPS inspection certificates, which are like an annual safety MOT for funfair rides.

We specialise in providing branded attractions for clients use at exhibitions, sales promotions and brand awareness campaigns.

We also offer consultation services for events you may be planning. We can work with you to produce events of any size, from a small birthday party, to a major festival. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

If you just want to talk to us about anything from the history of the carousel to what is the sexiest Italian sports car engine, feel free to drop us a line. (It's a Maserati V8 by the way)

"Our Mission Is To Save You From Boring Food, photobooths in boxes and scruffy fairground rides"

In Today's Instagram Generation, The Food Has To Look Good, As Well As Taste Good. Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web

Meet The Team

Team Member Jason
Jason is officially the MD, although that means very little. As everyone else in the company, including the office fish are higher up the pecking order.

Likes driving fast Italian cars, and flying little American aircraft. Expert at solving problems with gaffer tape and a cable tie.
Team Member Emmerson
Emmerson is the boss's sometime co-pilot, party girl and office chatterbox (with a certificate to prove the chatterbox bit).

More at home with Gucci and Prada than hot dogs and popcorn. She speaks fluent French, pronouncing words like Chanel, Cartier and Louis Vuitton perfectly.
Team Member Dunnita
One of our very first corporate entertainment teams.
An early example of corporate branding
Thompson's Ark
One of our earliest corporate entertainment teams, providing a variety show to Queen Victoria at Windsor castle.
An early example C.1926 of corporate branding our attractions up for Thornes Toffees, at the time a major Leeds based sweet manufacturer.
One of our early funfair rides, Thompson's Ark, dating from the golden era of the funfair.
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