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Hire An Absinthe

“Let me be mad, then, by all means! mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world!"

Probably one of the most mysterious of drinks, Absinthe has a reputation as something of a bad boy amongst drinks. We offer a themed Absinthe cart for hire. Complete with fountains, spoons, sugar lumps and a skilled server to properly prepare a louched drink.

To complement the mysterious reputation of Absinthe, our cart is decorated to match. With a slightly supernatural romantic theme. Mist coming from within a skull, candles on wrought iron stands, and velvet drapes.

Dare you ask for details of the Green Fairy, go on, it won't hurt, much.

Mysterious Absinthe Cart For Weddings and Events
Absinthe Skull
How Is Absinthe Served.

Like most things in moderation it is no more potent than other strong spirits. One popular mistake people make is trying to drink it like a shot. This is totally wrong. The correct method is to drip iced water from an Absinthe fountain, onto a sugar lump.  This is suspended over a glass of Absinthe by a special slotted spoon. The sugared water turns the green Absinthe into a milky white drink with a strong refreshing aniseed flavour.
Absinthe Fountain
Different bottles of Absinthe
Fabulous Absinthe Bottles.

Absinthe is available in various strengths and bottles, with some selling for thousands of pounds!

Our Absinthe carts come with 2 fountains, Absinthe spoons, sugar lumps, ice and an operator to both prepare your drinks and explain the history of Absinthe to your guests,. Indeed the theatre involved in the preparation of the drink, is entertainment in itself.

Of course not everyone likes a mystical drink like this, for the more reserved amongst you we also offer;

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•Gin Carts
•Mulled Wine
•Jager Carts
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Served from our range of fun themed bars.
What is Absinthe?

Produced much like gin, Absinthe is a high-proof neutral spirit. Generally around 110 to 144 proof, infused with a blend of botanicals. The three main herbs are Grande Wormwood, Sweet Fennel and Green Anise.

Traditionally the alcohol is infused a second time before bottling. This intensifies the flavour and creates the signature green colour.

One of the ingredients of Absinthe is Wormwood, which supposed to have hallucinogenic properties,. Indeed a Swiss gentleman, after spending a day drinking Absinthe went home and murdered his family helping lead to a ban on the drink throughout much of the World. Though ironically enough, it was never banned in England.

Absinthe Facts.

Oscar Wilde once said, A glass of Absinthe makes you see things as you wish they were. A second glass you see them as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are. That is the most horrible thing in the world.

Absinthe was banned in the U.S.A in 1912, due to the belief that the green liquid was hallucinogenic.

Thujone is the chemical in Absinthe that gives it the supposed hallucinogenic property. Drinking enough Absinthe to cause you to hallucinate would probably see you die from alcoholic poisoning.

We can provide a cart anywhere in the UK.

We cover the FULL U.K. and Europe with our range of Absinthe Hire Services. Including London, Scotland, The Midlands, The North East, Lancashire and Yorkshire, Absinthe is great for weddings, parties, military balls, exhibitions, company fun-days, college balls, university balls and corporate events
Absinthe Weddings and Party Catering
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