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Popcorn Branded Contemporary Cart

COVID-19 Secure

It really doesn't need an introduction, the tiny invisible microbes that swarm and multiply have made life a misery for millions.

Not to mention the shattering financial cost of failed businesses and lost jobs.

Like so many other companies we are addressing the 'new normal' and taking steps to safeguard both our staff and clients when we are booked for jobs.

Here are the initial steps we are taking to ensure your safety on catering jobs.
Screened Cart

One of our carts with a protective screen in place. All of our current range of carts and bars can be fitted with screens to ensure seperation between our staff and the clients.

In Today's Instagram Generation, The Food Has To Look Good, As Well As Taste Good. Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web

Zoono Microbial Shield
Sanitisation Stations
Personal Protective Equipment

Zoono Microbe Shield

One of the top rated products for surface protection from virus and bacteria. Zoono creates a barrier that is effective for upto 30 days, using a unique formula to kill viral and bacterial payloads.

Although it is rated for 30 days, we apply it at the start of each job.

Sanitisation Stations

We have a range of floor standing and wall mounted hand sanitisation stations. Fitted with an effective 70% alcohol compound to ensure rapid and efficient destruction of virus or bacteria on your hands.

Personal Protective Equipment

Depending on the job and attractions supplied our staff are provided with full face shields, disposable face masks and gloves, along with Zoono hand sanitiser which is effective for upto 24 hours.
Unit Mounted Hand Sanitiser
Example Track And Trace QR Code

Unit Mounted Hand Sanitiser

We can also mount a sanitisation station on our carts for easy on hand use.

QR Code Track And Trace

For events involving members of the public rather than a private corporate event, we can create a QR code track and trace system allowing them to easily supply their details for future tracing.
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