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Alcohol Infused Candy Floss

Our new alcoholic infused gourmet candy floss flavours, in 1 litre tubs for parties and events, infused with actual vodka, rum, brandy and more!

Remember its not for the kids!

If you have a larger event and require a candy floss cart serving freshly spun floss then check out our range of carts.

Alcohol Infused Candy Floss Flavours

Gourmet Flavours

You have a choice of specially crafted beverage inspired flavours including;

•Whisky Galore
•Brandy Hero
•Pirates Rum
•Tropical Pina Colada
•Sex On The Beach
•Cool Cosmo
•Perfect Prosecco
•Summer Strawberry Daquiri
•Smooth Sherry
•Magic Margarita

Our new range of candy floss is infused with actual alcohol, it's  definitely not for the kids, well not for the little ones anyways. All supplied with edible sprinkles and a custom printed edible label.

If you want some tubs of our delicious gourmet floss delivering to your door with personalised labels for your event then visit our online store.

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Margarita Flavoured Gourmet Candy Floss
Cosmo Flavoured Candy Floss Tubs
Pina Colada Cocktail

Margarita Cocktail Flavour

Our candy floss flavour inspired by the classic margarita cocktail. Tequila and lime flavour. Infused with real tequila.

Cosmo Flavoured Candy Floss

Cool Cosmo, based on vodka and cranberry, a cool flavour for any event. Infused with real vodka.

Pina Colada Flavoured Candy Floss

For a taste of the carribean, the cool flavour of coconuts and rum. Ideal for those summer events. Infused with actual white rum.
Sex On The Beach Candy Floss
Brandy Infused Candy Floss
Prosecco Infused Candy Floss

Sex On The Beach Flavoured Candy Floss

Double definitely not for the kids, unless of course you want to be answering awkward questions. Vodka, schnapps, OJ and cranberry flavour.  Infused with actual vodka.

Brandy Infused Candy Floss

As Samuel Johnson  would say, Brandy is the drink for those who aspire to be hero's. ur candy floss is infused with real brandy, leaving a subtle aftertaste on the lips/

Prosecco Infused Candy Floss

Add a touch of class, prosecco infused candy floss for weddings, parties and events.
Trial Boxes Of Alcoholic Candy Floss
Customised Goft Boxes Of Alcoholic Candy Floss

Custom Printed Edible Label

Each tub contains an edible label which can be printed with your selection of text, graphics, colours FREE of charge.

Trial Boxes

Available in trial boxes of 4 tubs of different flavours. Or bulk boxes of 24, 48 or 96 tubs.

Customised Gift Boxes

Special presentation box with 6 heart shaped tubs of alcoholic candy floss, along with 20 chocolate love hearts, and your choice of custom lettering on the heart tubs, gold wrapping and inside the box lid.
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