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We offer two types of Pimms cart, the traditional refreshing summer drink, mixed with lemonade, and full of fresh fruit, with a sprig of mint garnish, and also a fabulous hot Pimms, mixed with Apple juice and steaming hot, much like our mulled wine service but with a classy touch. Either way its a great reception drink for any of your guests.

Hot Pimms Carts Near Me

Pimms The Great British Tradition

Long lazy summer days, and Pimms complement each other perfectly. What a great idea for a reception drink at any event, be it a wedding, a company funday or on your exhibition stand.

Mixed with refreshing cool lemonade, and with fresh fruit steeped in the mix, garnish with a sprig of mint and voila, who can resist.

We supply the drinks, your choice of cart to be served from, and staff to interact and serve your guests. We can even offer hostess trays and promotional staff to mingle with your guests or clients keeping them topped up.

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Our Range Of Pimms Carts

The days are gone, or should be, when your chosen drinks service would be dispensed from the top of a table. We offer a range of fun and funky carts that will cover any theme or requirement for your big day. Choose to have you Pimms served from;

  • Horse Box Bar
  • Victorian Hand Cart
  • Rustic Wooden Bar
  • Wild West Saloon Bar
  • Contemporary Branded Bar
  • Ultra Modern L.E.D. Bar
  • Winter Alpine Hut

Decoration And Branding Your Cart

Any of our bars can be decorated up for say a wedding or party, we are even happy for you to add your own decorations. For corporate clients at a sales promotion or exhibition we offer;

  • Full Colour Branding
  • Branded Consumables Such As Glasses Or Napkins
  • Full Design And Build Service For Custom Carts.
When Its Cold Try Our Fabulous HOT Pimms Cart

The same perfect gin based drink, but mixed with apple juice, and warmed up to become a fabulous winter treat. Served at the same temperature as mulled wine, but with fruit rather than spices simmering away, this is one really refreshing and classy beverage.


History Of Pimms

First produced in 1823 by James Pimms, a farmers son from Kent. He became the owner of an oyster bar in the City Of London, and offered his drink in small tankards as an aid to digestion and called it No1 cup. In 1851 No2 Cup and Pimms No.3 cup were introduced.

Eventually the business was sold to Frederick Sawyer in 1865 and then to Horation Davies, the

 A  chain of Oyster houses were  franchised,and Cups No 4 to 6 produced.

When the brand hit hard times in the 1970’s the oyster chain was sold and a number of the drinks phased out, before the brand was taken over by the Distillers Company, eventually through mergers and acquisitions becoming part of Diagio.

This is just perfect, we had the Hot Pimms and the guests just loved it.

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Traditional Pimms and Hot Pimms carts are available throughout the U.K. including Scotland, The North East, The Midlands, Yorkshire, Lancashire and London.
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