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Spiral Fries Cart Hire

Spiral Fries Cart Hire.

Chipstix, spiral fries, Tornado fries. These are various names for the same tasty deep fried potatoes with a twist. Another fabulous food that many people have tried on holida. Now available in the U.K.

Our electric machine cuts a potato into a long spiral. This is then deep fried and seasoned with various flavours. Providing a great snack for events, weddings and parties.

Hire this to give your guests a novel tasty treat with added fun factor.

This is also a perfect snack food to pair with our frankfurter cart, chipstix and dogs are great together. As good at a wedding or party, as it is at a company fun day or exhibition.

spiral fries machine

The Magic Spiral Fries Machine.

Our stainless steel electric spiral fries machine takes a potato and turns it into a super spiral chipstix  curly fries in seconds,. The machine itself always attracts attention and guests love to watch the potato being spiralised.

These chipstix are super tasty and make a fabulous treat with a difference for any type of event.

We offer a range of different themed carts to serve your fries from, the days of handing food out from a table top are gone, guests expect and deserve better nowadays, and thats what we aim to give them.

Potatoes for our spiral fries machine

Spiral Fries Hire

The humble potato must be one of natures most versatile vegetables. Look at what it can become, mash, jacket, boiled,  chips, french fries, crisps, jacket potatoes.

Well now it has reached the pinnacle of its evolution! Once it has been introduced to our spiral fries machine and spiralised. Deep fried and then seasoned with our extra special blend of flavours. The potato will never be humble again. Hire a spiral fries cart and give your guests a treat. Perfect when combined with our frankfurter cart.

This is another of those international foods that has gained popularity amongst young Brits on their travels. Known abroad as tornado fries they make a refreshing change from the usual french fries that are so prevalent.

Spiral fries seasoning

Spiral Fries Seasonings

We offer a range of fabulous flavours;

  • Cheese & Onion.
  • BBQ.
  • Fried Chicken.
  • Garlic Butter.
  • Mexican Chilli.
  • Pepper.
  • Salt & Vinegar.
  • Peri Peri.
  • Sour Cream & Chives.

We can also source special flavours for one off events, or exhibitions to suit a particular theme.

The most fun you can have with a potato.

“WOW these spiral fries are great. ”

Sarah-May Student at Durham Uni.

Chipstix Cart Hire anywhere in the U.K. and Europe. Including Scotland, London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, The Midlands and The North East, and are perfect for parties, weddings, college balls, military balls, private events, company fun days, exhibitions and corporate events.

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