Fun Catering Carts

Hot fresh French crepe carts for hire

Delicious razor thin French Crepes. A lovely sweet dessert choice,. Though we can supply savoury crepes as well. With meat, cheese, tuna etc.

Dutch poffertjes pancakes cart for hire

Not as well known as some of our other desserts. Dutch pancakes, or Poffertjes are a delightful mini pancake. Drizzled in butter with a dusting of sugar

Spanish churros doughnuts for hire

Spanish finger doughnuts, or churros have a crisp outer texture. With lovely doughy insides. Great dipped into chocolate sauce. Perfect with hot chocolate.

Traditional mini ring doughuts for hire

Everyone loves a doughnut,. When they are hot and fresh they are unbeatable. Add a sauce topping and some sprinkles and they are fab. Especially with a dab of Nutella.

Candy Floss, everyone's favourite treat

Candy floss. That whispy almost magical sugar dessert.  It  appears as if from thin air. Teamed with popcorn it is easily one of our most popular lines. Always drawing  a crowd to watch it being made.

Popcorn carts for hire throughout the U.K.

The perfect addition to candy floss. They go together like, well like candy floss and popcorn. Sweet, salted or in a range of gourmet flavours.

Soft scoop ice cream carts for hire

Our range of soft scoop ice creams. Provided by a small Yorkshire boutique supplier. With toppings sauces and the all important 99 flake. Cadbury’s of course. We also offer a new range of luxury flavours. Or Indian Kulfi Ice Cream.

Belgian waffle cart hire throughout the U.K.

Thick Belgian waffles. Drizzled in whipped cream. Add chocolate sauce and candy sprinkles. Of course Nutella is also an option.  A delicious filling dessert option.

Espresso coffee carts for hire, full range of coffees' teas and hot chocolates.

Freshly ground beans. The deep taste of Arabica. With frothy steamed milk. Topped with a dusting of hot chocolate to create the perfect Latte. Comes with drinking chocolate and a range of specialty teas.

Continental soft dough pretzel carts for hire.

Available as either soft dough bread pretzels. Or mini bite sized biscuit pretzels. This is an increasingly popular continental snack.

Fabulous Fun Catering Carts.

Party, Wedding And Event Catering.

Catering for events doesn't just need to taste good, it has to look good. The instagram, generation will have pictures of everything they come across beamed around the world in nanoseconds. Do you really want a plain old buffet sat atop a pasting table as the image you present?

Our range of carts are available for weddings, parties, private and corporate events throughout the U.K. and Europe.

To fit in with any theme we have a range of different styled carts including;

  • Traditional Victorian.
  • Tiki Bar.
  • Contemporary.
  • Horse Boxes.
  • Rustic.
  • Ultra Modern L.E.D.

For corporate sales promotions, and exhibitions we offer a full custom design and build service.

All of our carts use professional stainless steel catering equipment. We carry a 5 star hygiene rating from our local authority. All staff hold a minimum level 2 hygiene certificate with many already uprated to level 3.

Click on any of our catering options below for more details of the individual services. Many of the items we offer can be combined to create the perfect service, and for events such as Halloween or Christmas, we can dress the cart up to match.

Victorian Candy Floss Carts For Hire
Custom Branded Waffle Carts for hire
Jagermeister cart for hire
pink funfair candy floss cart for hire
Alpine winter cart for hire
Chestnut cart for hire
White Traditional carts for hire
American themed cart for hire
Delicious luxury hot chocolate carts for hire

As those cold winter nights start to roll in, hot chocolate suddenly becomes everyones favourite, topped with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles, you can choose from Cadbury’s or luxury Charbonnel Et Walker

Spiral tornado fries dessert carts to hire

Also known as tornado fries. These are one of this seasons hot numbers. Another snack that people have come across on foreign travels. Seasoned with a range of different toppings they are a super treat.

Hot roast chestnut carts for hire

Only available for a couple of months. Hot roast chestnuts are one of the great British traditions. They make an ideal welcoming treat to any event. Coupled with mulled wine you have the perfect set up.

Mulled wine and spiced cider carts for hire.

The traditional accompaniment to roast chestnuts. Hot spiced wine has a real kick. Perfect for the long cold winter nights. Traditionally this is served with hot roast chestnuts.

Spicy Mexican nacho carts for hire

A firm favourite at the cinema. Nachos, with stunning cheese sauce. Add piping hot jalapeƱo chillies for a kick. A great finger food for your event. Also available with chilli con carne.

Jacket potato carts for hire

Baked potatoes, or jackets, however you refer to them. These are spot on if you need something a little more substantial than just a snack. Perfect for an evening treat at a wedding, or a company funday.

Hot dog carts for hire, top class Frankfurters

Yeehaa. Another all time classic from the States. Hot Dogs, Frankfurters, Franks, Dogs, call em as you will. They make a great snack for anytime of the day at any sort of event.

Absinthe carts for hire, a taste of the mysterious

Absinthe, a drink of almost mythical proportions. Served by dripping iced water onto a sugar lump suspended over a shot of Absinthe. The green liquid slowly turns to a milky white. Being drunk as a long drink rather than a shot.

Cool refreshing frozen cocktail carts for hire

Frozen cocktails, available in alcoholic or non alcoholic versions. This makes a perfect summer refresher. Especially the Pina Colada flavour. Which is a favourite in our office.

Milkshake carts for hire, alcoholic and non alcoholic

Milk Shakes. Another childhood classic. Only we offer them with a twist. You can have alcoholic shakes for an added kick. Or the plain old variety if alcohol isn't required.

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Jagermeister machine hire

Fabulous Jagermeister carts,. Shots bombs and cocktails. Chilled to -15 degrees to add a real kick. You’ve never experienced jagermeister until you’ve had it at the proper temperature

Strawberry and Cream Carts For Hire

The classic British summertime treat. Succulent strawberries topped with your choice of cream. Whipped, clotted or Cornish. Or drizzled with melted Belgian chocolate.

Prosecco On The Menu

Fabulous sparkling prosecco bar. Stunning sparkling wine for any event. Weddings and parties to corporate events. We cover them all.

Our fun catering carts are available for events throughout the U.K. and Europe. Including Scotland, London, The North East, The Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and are ideal for corporate events, weddings, parties, military functions, college balls, exhibitions and company fun days.
Pimms Cart Hire

Pimms carts. We offer not only the standard summer Pimms, with fruit and lemonade. We also have a hot Pimms cart. What a fabulous winter drink. Mixed with fresh apple juice and a blend of fresh fruits.

drinks fountain on the menu

46 Inch hire drinks fountain for hire. A stunning centerpiece for any event. Ideal for use with wine, cocktails and fruit juices. For a touch of added luxury use it with Baileys Irish cream, or a quality Port.

Gin Bar Sign

A superb range of bars for any event. Flavoured gins, whisky, prosecco, Pimms.  Or any combination. To suit weddings, exhibitions and parties.

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