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Hire Hot Roast Chestnut Carts.

This is one of those treats that everyone remembers from their childhood. Hot chestnuts roasting over the fire. The smell is supreme, and the taste heavenly. Pair them with our mulled wine service and you have the perfect winter time welcome for weddings and parties. This is one of our most popular lines in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

We offer a number of traditional style carts that are perfect for chestnuts or for corporate events such as exhibitions we can design and build a cart to your specifications.

chestnuts carts for hire

What Are Chestnuts.

Chestnuts, (not to be confused with conkers which are poisonous) are one of the most versatile of natures gifts.  They can be made into bread, beer, or eaten as they are. Indeed in some remote parts of Europe it is said that  a village can never starve if it has a crop of chestnuts.

Chestnuts differ from most other nuts in that they have very little protein or fat. Their calories are derived chiefly from carbohydrates. Contain much lower calories than walnuts, almonds or other nuts. They contain very little fat, mostly unsaturated and no gluten. They are the only nuts that contain vitamin C.

Chestnut cart for hire

Available Carts For Chestnuts

Our most popular chestnut cart is the old fashioned engine type. This can dispense freshly roasted chestnuts. We can also add mulled wine, spiced cider or hot Pimms if required.

We also offer a range of other carts suitable for chestnuts and mulled wine;

  • Horse Box.
  • Alpine Hut.
  • Traditional Victorian Hand Cart.
  • Rustic Wooden.

We serve the chestnuts in the traditional environmentally friendly little paper bags or bamboo boats. However they can be served in cups,trays, any way you like them. This opens  up possibilities for branding opportunities.

Roman Gladiator

Roman legions would plant chestnut trees on long campaigns to help feed them. Legionnaires were given chestnut porridge before going into battle. In Asia Minor in 401BC a Greek army was said to have survived a long retreat due to their stores of Chestnuts.

Whilst we wouldn’t fancy living on chestnuts alone they do make a great treat for winter events. We always advise guests to peel the shell off before eating them. We have seen a number of guests eat them whole. Usually with the comments of “These are a bit crunchy.”

We offer a range of hot roast chestnut carts for hire throughout the U.K. Including London, Lancashire, Yorkshire, The North East, The Midlands and Scotland, and are ideal for college events, military functions, parties, weddings, corporate events, company fun days, exhibitions and college balls.

“j'aime ces ch√Ętaignes.”

French Guest At Wedding.

Scores on the doors 5 star rating

Chestnut Facts

In France, Central Europe and Brazil, They are used to produce beer. They have similar chemical properties to malted barley.

They are also used to produce a flour that is used in baking cakes. Also making Mont Blanc. A dessert of pureed sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream.

The oldest and largest chestnut tree in the world is called Hundred Horse Chestnut,. This is on the Eastern slope of Mount Etna. Believed to be between 2000 to 4000 years old. Its name originates from a legend that the Queen of Aragorn and a company of 100 knights sheltered beneath it during a thunderstorm.

It is Japans most ancient fruit, cultivated even before growing rice.

They can be used to produce sugar.

An old Corsican wedding tradition says to prepare and serve 22 different chestnut dishes on the day of the wedding.

They are the only nut that contains vitamin C.

The trees tend to stop bearing fruit, North of the fifty-second parallel.


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