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What Is A Photo Booth?

Much like the old passport photo machines you would see in chemists, a photo booth using modern cameras, printers and computers to take a series of images and then print them out. They can be built into a range of different items such as London taxis, or a classic Mini Cooper.

What Should I Consider Before Hiring A Booth?

Is the booth going inside or outdoors, as different booths are suitable for different jobs. Does the booth use a dye sublimation printer and dslr camera, the answer needs to be yes to both questions. How long is it for, does it come with an operator, is there props, do I get a guests book will all come into it.

What Are Popular Booth Props?

Most come with wigs, hats, glasses, jewellery, speech bubbles, a blackboard and chalk, feather boas, etc. You can often request themed props depending on what sort of event you are planning.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Photo Booth?

Fun, Fun, and more Fun. A booth merges peoples love of having their photo taken, with the fun of dressing up, with the additional fun of taking part with your friends. For corporate clients, it is an ideal way to promote brand awareness or drive a social media campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Photo Booths

Feel free to email additional questions in.


Which Types Of Booth Are Useful For My Event?

The first question is indoors or outdoors. Vehicle booths such as the London Taxi will struggle to get into most venues. Conversely booths such as the Telephone box can not be outside in heavy rain. Is it just for fun, or are you a corporate client promoting a brand. Custom branding works better on vehicle booths rather than standard box booths, though they can be decorated up as well.

Which Types Of Booths Can Provide SLR Quality Photos?

Any of our booths use DSLR cameras from Canon. Any booth not using a high quality camera is way behind the times and should be avoided.

Which Printers Are Best, Inkjet Or Dye Sub?

There is absolutely no argument here. Dye sub printers provide photo quality prints, in under 20 seconds which are dry to the touch as they come out. Inkjets are slow, take ages to dry if there are dark patches on the print.


Where can we hire booths?

We cover the full U.K. and Western Europe. There are booth companies in pretty much every country in the world.

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