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The red telephone box, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott is an instantly recognisable British icon, ranking up there with the  black cab, especially in the London area. Sadly now disappearing from our streets, it still stands as a true design classic.

Our telephone booths can be customised for sales promotions. The control screen can be adapted to display your branding and colours, the booth itself can have custom branding applied to the window panels both inside and out, the posts box can be wrapped in vinyl to create a custom theme. We can even respray the entire booth to change the colour for your event.

Add one (or more) of our social media tablets and your guests can spread some social media juice by sharing their images on Twtter, Facebook, Pinterest and via email.

If you are a corporate client planning a sales promotion or exhibition, we can work with you to produce a branded email for guests to share, this can contain special offers, promotional material or just a simple thank you message.

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Our Telephone Booth

Our telephone box photo booth contains a state of the art system including;

  • Dye Sublimation Print System
  • Canon Mini DSLR Camera
  • 24 inch Integrated Touch Screen Control Panel

When hiring a booth ensure that you don't fall for a cheap as chips system with ink-jet printer and web-cam, they just dont cut the mustard, DSLR gives you vibrant high quality, high resolution images, whilst a dye sub printer turns out professional grade prints in around 20 seconds, that are instantly dry to the touch, no more standing their waving your picture about trying not to smudge it.

Custom MTV Afterparty Themed Print

All of our photo booths come with;

  • Guest Book
  • Extra Print Pack
  • Box Of Themed Props
  • Booth Butler
  • Custom Themed Prints

Additionally we offer extra options;

  • Larger sized prints
  • Additional packs of prints
  • External Screens To Display Slide Shows
  • Custom Branding For Corporate Use.

This booth, along with our classic Mini Cooper make  great booths for Best Of British Themed Events and have had more than their fair share of celebrities in for a selfie.


Despite its smaller size this is definitely one of our most popular photo booths. Being custom built to totally dismantle it can be carried inside virtually any venue, as long as there is at least 9ft ceiling height. Set up once the sections are in the room, is around 15 minutes, with derig taking a similar amount of time. The booth is one of our most popular lines so don't delay if you wish to book it.

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Our Red Telephone Box Photo Booths Are Available In The Full U.K. And Europe, Including London, Scotland, The North East, Lancashire, The Midlands And Yorkshire, and is ideal for military balls, college functions, parties, weddings, corporate and company functions.
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A Few Of Our Telephone Booth Clients

Telephone Box Photo Booth Hire

And now for something completely different.

Busby is our stunning red telephone box with a photo booth system built in, its always accompanied by our letterbox, which just happens to dispense the prints from the photo booth.

Although the interior space is smaller than many of our booths, this one has a hidden trick, you can leave the door open whilst taking pictures and this allows you to get group shots into focus.

This is one of our most popular booths, are you still looking at hiring a booth in a box when so much better is available.

Our Telephone Booth Being Installed In The Grosvenor House Hotel London
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