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Jagermeister Carts For Hire

Jagermeister Carts For Hire

Made from a blend of over 50 herbs and spices, Jagermeister is one of the most popular shot drinks around. We use real Jager machines which chill the drink to minus fifteen degrees, this adds a real kick and totally transforms the taste of the drink.

Add Red Bull to create Jager bombs and you have the makings of a fabulous night.

We serve the shots in branded Jagermeister test tubes, and the bombs in specialised bomb cups which keep the 2 drinks separate until you pour it down.

Available on a range of themed carts, or on our special Jagermeister branded cart, add some fun to any wedding, party or corporate event.

Jagermeister cart for hire

Jagermeister Branded Cart

Our Jagermeister Branded Cart leaves no doubt as to what a treat your guests have in store, this is sure to become the focal point at your event with shots and bombs galore. We can also serve it from any of our range of themed carts.

Most people have tried Jager, or Jager bombs, but what many dont realise is that the drink is intended to be served at an ideal temperature of minus fifteen degrees. This super chilled beverage adds a real kick and is completely different to drinking it at room temperature as is served in most bars and clubs.

Our genuine Jagermeister machines, super chills the drinks and serves it at precisely the correct temperature.

Jagermeister machine hire
Jager test tubes
Jagermeister Bomb Cup

Shots And Bombs

When serving Jagermeister we use Jager test tubes for the shots, and Jager bomb cups for the Jager Bombs, these keep the 2 drinks separate until you are ready to knock them back.

Jagermeister carts have proven super popular at;

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • College Balls
  • University Balls
  • Military Balls
  • Corporate Events
  • Company Fundays
  • Exhibitions

Anywhere people like to drink, which is basically everywhere.

Our Jagermeister Carts are available for hire throughout the U.K. and Europe, including London, The Midlands, The North East, Scotland, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Jager is a fabulous treat for weddings, parties, university events, military balls, exhibitions, corporate promotions and company fun days.

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A few of the many clients that have enjoyed our Jagermeister Carts

Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs”

Er, lots of people.

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