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Ice cream is one of the all time favourite deserts. Our carts serve a selection of fabulous soft scoop flavours from a small boutique Yorkshire Ice Cream producer. Upto 6 different flavours can be carried on our carts, all served in top quality sugar cones and tubs, with a selection of sauces and sprinkles.

We can also offer upto 5 flavours of Kulfi Ice Cream, the Asian dessert that has its own unique texture and flavour.

Ice Cream is ideal for;

It also makes a perfect complement to some of our other desserts such as waffles or doughnuts.

Our ice cream is supplied with;

The most popular flavours from experience are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint Choc Chip.


The Nation’s Favourite Ice Cream Cart Hire Service.

One of our soft scop ice cream carts available for hire

All of our carts are supplied complete with an expert operator and are available on a range of fun and unique carts including;

 We can also design and build a completely custom structure to your exact requirements.

Our service covers the full U.K. and Europe and we can dispense ice cream at multiple locations at the same time.

Contact us for further details or a tailored quote.

Fun Ice Cream Facts

The UK’s favourite flavour is vanilla, after which comes chocolate, strawberry and cookies and cream.

Before milk based desserts were introduced in the 10th century, ice cream was indeed made from ice.

In the U.S.A July is national ice cream month.

It takes 12 gallons of milk to create 1 gallon of ice cream.

Ice Cream sales increase during times of recession, or war!


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