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As soon as you see a mistake and don't fix it, it becomes your mistake.

It is the policy of our company that we not only adhere to all industry health and safety requirements, we aim wherever possible to exceed them.

Catering Hygiene Standards

 All of our catering systems operate using the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system. This is a rigourous system introduced to improve hygiene within the food industry. Any possible contamination that could be introduced into our candy floss is identified and procedures put into place to eliminate the possibility of this occurring. Copies of our HACCP plan are carried on each cart. along with the paperwork that is used to monitor the correct application of these procedures. Additionally the procedures are reviewed every 3 months to ensure that they are applied and operate in the manner intended.

All of our staff members handling food hold certification to at least Level 2 in Food Hygiene.

Increased Safety At Events And Funfairs

As part of JARM Amusements, we are taking part in the new SINAS initiative which is intended to continually increase safety within our funfair and corporate entertainment’s operations, full details can be found at FUNFAIR SAFETY DRIVE.

This is intended to review and analyse the relative strengths and weaknesses of both the funfair industry, and the general events and corporate entertainment’s industries

The first fruit of this research has already been applied to our operation, as well as undergoing ADIPS inspections where required,  we now PAT test all of our equipment and power supply cables quarterly, which is around 4 times the current industry standard, and in most cases, especially concerning power cables, is not routinely required in the funfair industry. We have also fitted all of our attractions with RCD safety devices, which increases the level of protection offered on electrical circuits and again is something that is not always applied within the events industry.

Our staff members receive a structured and documented system of training to complement the traditional “on the job” instruction that is employed within the fairground industry, this not only helps increase the proficiency of individual staff members, it also allows us to keep accurate records of who is qualified to operate our attractions.

As and when new recommendations are raised from the safety initiatives we are involved with, they will be applied to our operations as soon as it is practicable to do so, we never wait to be forced into compliance by legislation, rather we believe in leading from the front, our documented aim is to “Set the standards in funfair and event safety.”

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