Wild West Photo Booth Hire

Wild West Photo Booth Hire

The Duke, is our wild west stagecoach photo booth for hire. Built into a full sized replica Concorde stagecoach, (Think John Wayne). This is one of our totally unique offerings, because as far as we know this is the only booth in a stagecoach in Europe.

The Stagecoach

After spending around 6 months with an expert joiner on the build, we finally rolled it out complete. A visit from an artist to decorate it in the style of a Wells and Fargo stage saw it finished off ready for the launch.

Actually being able to sit in it made you begin to appreciate just how hardy those early pioneers was. Imagine travelling thousands of miles in a cramped coach with upto 16 other people was an ordeal.

In the movies, the stage would regularly outrun Indians and bandits. In reality, it was called a stage, because it used to travel in stages, swapping teams of horses at each stage. A stage would be perhaps 12 miles, so you can imagine how long travel would take.

The Booth

We added sound effects, props, decoration, and staff dressed as cowboys. Add in the prints themed as mini wanted posters, and you have a cracking booth for any event, but unbeatable for wild west parties.

To complement the booth we created a range of games units, this provides a complete wild west entertainment package.

A photo booth built into a wild west stage coach
Stagecoach Photo Booth
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Wild West Games Unit
Wild West Games Stall

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