Telephone Box Photo Booth

Telephone Box Photo Booth Hire

Some of our photo booths have been in response to a clients enquiry,. Others we have thought were a good idea. Finally some for keeping pace with competitors.

Our red telephone booth was designed when a young lady asked if we did one, as she was getting married and fancied the idea.

 Initially we thought to buy one of the original phone boxes that were being sold off.  Once we realised they weighed around a ton, we had a rapid rethink. Resulting in Buzby, our replica phone box.  Made from wood and glass fibre making this is a perfect replica of the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed original.

This was one of those photo booths that we were initially a bit dubious about. In the event, it proved to be consistently one of our most requested hires =, because people seem to love the prints being delivered from the post box.

Along with our Mini Cooper Booth, and London Taxi Cab Booths,  customers can hire a great line up of iconic British attractions. All available with photo booths systems fitted.

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