Taxi Photo Booth Hire Party At Joe Macari

A Petrol Heads Dream on a taxi booth hire.

 Occasionally on a taxi booth hire, we come across jobs we love. One recent party with one of our cab photo booths was a 50th birthday party taking place in a high end car dealers in London. By high end, we mean classic sports cars because everywhere you looked was a classic Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. A  curve ball thrown in included a De Lorean, lightweight Jaguar E type and a split screen VW camper van.

After installing the taxi booth, they had their detailing guy, clean the road dirt from it, with him laughing that he had “Cleaned some of the most exclusive cars on the planet, but this was his first London Cab”

One of our favourites is the Lamborghini LM002 off roader, possibly one of the rarest of the Lamborghini’s. Overall  though, I think if we were given the choice it would have to be the Jag. As Del Boy once said, “It’s only E type Jags, and Sebastian Coe that make you proud to be British nowadays!”

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