Arrival Of A Princess And Our Espresso Cart

Espresso Cart

We’veĀ been on standby for the last fortnight waiting upon the arrival of the Royal Baby. Our job was giving tea and coffee out to the paparazzi camped outside the Lindo wing of the hospital.

As it turned out we had just got back from bloody London when it was announced Kate had gone into labour. We promptly dashed back upto the smoke to get ready for the Royal arrival.

On arrival we discovered that we didn’t actually have a site for the coffee cart sorted out. Basically we were setting up just around the corner from the Lindo wing. Hoping the Police didn’t move us on.

We sent the Prosecco out to the paparazzi first, as princess Charlotte had just been born. Then began assembling the coffee cart in the midst of numerous police officers walking around armed with sub machine guns, to be honest I am surprised that we were pretty much ignored by the security services and set up without any problem. At one point Prince William drove past us about 3 feet away, so hopefully the security services had somehow ascertained we were no threat without us realising, if not then security was rather lapse.

Espresso Cart Outside the Lindo Wing
Set up on the side of the road round the corner from the Lindo Wing