The Boss Has A New Idea

You’ve Heard Of The Flying Doctor, Here’s The Flying Candy Floss Man

Never a dull moment at Fairview house, the boss has come up with a stunning plan. He is going to offer the first flying candy floss service. Sick of sitting in hours of traffic jams he is learning to fly. He has decided this will be quicker than roadtravel. In the near future he intends delivering candy floss carts via a little Cessna. Hopefully his flying will improve.


Cessna airplane upside down, flying candy floss service on hold
Thankfully not the boss flying this time.

A lot of our work is at R.A.F. bases so he might just be on to something with the new candy floss in the air thing.

Crepes New For 2018

French Crepe Cart Service

The next of our new lines for 2018 is the relaunch of our crepe cart hire service. Delicious soft french crepes, topped with fresh fruit, cream, and various sauces and toppings.

The Latin, crispus meaning curled, led to the French word Crepe. Originating in the Breton region of France, between the English Channel to the north and the Southern Bay of Biscay.

Making crepes has evolved from being cooked on large cast iron plates heated over a wood fire, to modern hot plates that are now gas or electric heated.

Celebrations With Crepes

We celebrate pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday, usually around the second week in February, while the French have their “Pancake Day”, on 2nd February, during a holiday known as Fete de la Chandeleur  or jour des crepes, during which it is traditional to hold a coin in your writing hand and a crepe pan in the other, and flip the crepe into the air. Your family will be prosperous if you manage to catch the crepe in the pan.

An International Dessert

Popular throughout Europe, the dessert has numerous names, inlcuding crespella (Italy), palacsintas (Hungary), blintzes (Jewish) plattars (Scandanavia), blini (Russia) and the Greek kreps.

Savoury Or Sweet

We offer both types of crepes, sweet for dessert, or as a savoury crepe with meats, cheeses, salad etc. This allows us to tailor the service to suit any requirements when you book our crepe cart hire.

Image of French crepes from our crepe cart hire service
Delicious French Crepes

Fun Catering Services With A Difference

Fun Catering Carts

We have offered a range of fun catering carts for quite a while now, including Victorian style, modern contemporary, Winter Alpine mini huts, even wild west style chuck wagon. However we are now updating and broadening the range we offer, we have commissioned a number of new themed carts which will be launched over the coming weeks, we are also adapting a number of our vehicles for catering use.

Fun Catering From An Indian Tuk Tuk

Imagine you could have your coffee served from an authentic Indian tuk tuk. Or what about pretzels served from the back of Del Boy Trotters three wheeled van? Our aim is to offer the most complete choice of catering carts in the industry.

Indian Tuk Tuk coffee cart
Our Indian Tuk Tuk, currently being adapted to serve as a coffee cart
Del Boy trotters 3 wheeled catering van.
Del Boy Trotter catering van

Some Of Our Catering Carts For Hire

Fun Cart Hire

We have a range of various catering carts available for hire, most of the catering items we offer can be supplied on the whole range of carts, so there should be something to suit everyone, if there isn’t  we can always custom design and build a cart for your event.

Arrival Of A Princess And Our Espresso Cart

Espresso Cart

We’ve been on standby for the last fortnight waiting upon the arrival of the Royal Baby. Our job was giving tea and coffee out to the paparazzi camped outside the Lindo wing of the hospital.

As it turned out we had just got back from bloody London when it was announced Kate had gone into labour. We promptly dashed back upto the smoke to get ready for the Royal arrival.

On arrival we discovered that we didn’t actually have a site for the coffee cart sorted out. Basically we were setting up just around the corner from the Lindo wing. Hoping the Police didn’t move us on.

We sent the Prosecco out to the paparazzi first, as princess Charlotte had just been born. Then began assembling the coffee cart in the midst of numerous police officers walking around armed with sub machine guns, to be honest I am surprised that we were pretty much ignored by the security services and set up without any problem. At one point Prince William drove past us about 3 feet away, so hopefully the security services had somehow ascertained we were no threat without us realising, if not then security was rather lapse.

Espresso Cart Outside the Lindo Wing
Set up on the side of the road round the corner from the Lindo Wing