Race Lace Explanation

Pink Candy Floss Cart And Race For Life

Tesco Banks Pink Candy Floss

Tesco Bank commissioned us to supply a number of special pink candy floss carts.  This coincided with the turning tesco pink promotion.


This aims to help recruit staff members to the Race For Life scheme operated by Cancer Research U.K. A fabulous charity helping to raise funds to investigate all 200 types of cancer.

A brilliantly quirky new touch are their #racelace shoe laces. Basically after signing up for the race for life, you swap one of your laces for a pink one.  This signifies your support for the charity. Although the race for life is a women only event, our MD and other staff members changed their laces in support.

Tesco asked for a number of candy floss carts giving out floss to the staff members. Our normal carts are decorated in a white and gold scheme. After finding out what the promotion was, we re-branded them in a pink scheme.

Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Candy Floss Logo
Candy Floss Logo
Race Lace Explanation
Explanation of the race lace promotion for Cancer Research
CRUK with candy floss
CRUK staff member with candy floss
Race Lace pink boot lace.
Our M.D.’s new pink boot lace.

#racelace #thisisbeatingcancer #crukeventsscot

The Boss Has A New Idea

You’ve Heard Of The Flying Doctor, Here’s The Flying Candy Floss Man

Never a dull moment at Fairview house, the boss has come up with a stunning plan. He is going to offer the first flying candy floss service. Sick of sitting in hours of traffic jams he is learning to fly. He has decided this will be quicker than roadtravel. In the near future he intends delivering candy floss carts via a little Cessna. Hopefully his flying will improve.


Cessna airplane upside down, flying candy floss service on hold
Thankfully not the boss flying this time.

A lot of our work is at R.A.F. bases so he might just be on to something with the new candy floss in the air thing.

Candy Floss Cart at Rock City

Candy Floss Cart At Rock City

With our candy floss carts we have a number of quite regular clients.  We like this because as well as a steady income stream, familiarity makes the job easier. One such gig is the Caramello party nights at the Rock City night spot in Nottingham. A nice 3 hour job, albeit unsociable hours.

The staff are always remarking on how busy it is, so we took advantage of our sister companies kit and borrowed a Go Pro time lapse camera to see what our candy floss operator actually does.

The video shows 2 things, just how hectic it is, and that a Go Pro camera battery doesn’t last 3 hours. We haven’t actually counted how many candy floss were served, but it was in excess of 400.

Video Of Our Staff Hard At It



Some Of Our Catering Carts For Hire

Fun Cart Hire

We have a range of various catering carts available for hire, most of the catering items we offer can be supplied on the whole range of carts, so there should be something to suit everyone, if there isn’t  we can always custom design and build a cart for your event.

Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival

We have just come back from the Latitude festival in Suffolk, 5 nights camping in an Indian tipi whilst we covered a job for a corporate client.

A fabulous festival, with some great acts, and enough catering to feed an army. We snapped some of the more striking catering units whilst we were there, too big for the jobs we do, but really well presented.