Race Lace Explanation

Pink Candy Floss Cart And Race For Life

Tesco Banks Pink Candy Floss

Tesco Bank commissioned us to supply a number of special pink candy floss carts.  This coincided with the turning tesco pink promotion.


This aims to help recruit staff members to the Race For Life scheme operated by Cancer Research U.K. A fabulous charity helping to raise funds to investigate all 200 types of cancer.

A brilliantly quirky new touch are their #racelace shoe laces. Basically after signing up for the race for life, you swap one of your laces for a pink one.  This signifies your support for the charity. Although the race for life is a women only event, our MD and other staff members changed their laces in support.

Tesco asked for a number of candy floss carts giving out floss to the staff members. Our normal carts are decorated in a white and gold scheme. After finding out what the promotion was, we re-branded them in a pink scheme.

Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Candy Floss Logo
Candy Floss Logo
Race Lace Explanation
Explanation of the race lace promotion for Cancer Research
CRUK with candy floss
CRUK staff member with candy floss
Race Lace pink boot lace.
Our M.D.’s new pink boot lace.

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