New Product Launch

Vapshots Vapour Shots, A New Concept In Drinks Delivery

Vapshot is another new line we are launching. These are Vapour Shots, alcoholic drinks delivered under high pressure into a specially sealed container. When you pop the lid a portion of the drink instantly vapourises, you suck the result up using a straw. This delivers an instant alcoholic buzz. A stunning new concept in drinks, perfect for student events, military balls and general fun and games throughout the known universe.

What Flavour Vapshots Can I Have

Basically any type of shot is turned into a vapshot using our machine, whisky, taquila, gin, jagermeister, the list just goes on and on. Our machine has two delivery nozzles so you can have 2 seperate shots on tap.

This is a stunning new party line, with nothing else like it on the market.

Popped Vapour shot
A vapour shot after being popped
Professional Vapour Shot Machine
A professional grade vapour shot machine