A Mini Cooper with a photo booth built in.

Mini Cooper Photo Booth Hire

Jasper Is Our Classic MiniĀ  Photo Booth

The world has moved on from a photo booth in a box. Well some of us have. Nowadays booths come in all shapes and sizes. London taxi cabs, telephone booths, even Del Boy Trotters 3 wheeled van. One of our most popular lines is our classic Mini Cooper photo booth.

Jasper, is a fun quirky option, particularly popular with events for younger clients, such as Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties.

Tatton Park

We recently supplied Jasper for a bar mitzvah in Tatton Parks, Tenants Hall. A stunning venue dating from medieval times. We needed to get Jasper into the Tenants hall for Zak’s Bar Mitzvah. Of course it wasnt as simple as that, it never is. We needed to lay protection down to prevent damage to the floor. We had to maneuver Jasper through dozens of tables and chairs, whilst avoiding the dance floor. Oh and the reserved space was as far from the entrance as it possibly could be.

As per usual, persistence, patience, and some deft steering saw us safely set up and waiting for the guests. Many of our events start with an Oh Crap moment, when we see what we have to do. But usually after a minutes thought and some planning we just get on with it.

One of the unusual features we noticed, was the room decoration. The walls were covered with the heads, and skins of dozens of exotic animals from far flung corners of the British Empire. I bet the local deer in Tatton Parks estate are mightily relieved that hunting is no longer considered acceptable in polite circles.

Our mini cooper photo booth in position alongside Zaks bar
Jasper In Position Near Zak’s Bar
Mini Cooper booth with props
Props for the guests use at the Bar Mitzvah
Stuffed Heads At Tatton Park
Stuffed Heads At Tatton Park
More Stuffed Heads At Tatton Park
More Stuffed Heads At Tatton Park

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