Lux Our New Gin Bar Service

Gin Bar Service

To tap into the hot craze for gin, we have just launched our new gin bar service. Called Lux its intended to supply a range of fabulous fun gins for our corporate clients.

Its not limited to gin, we can supply whisky, rum, prosecco bars as well, long with a full range of mixers and garnishes. Perfect for reception drinks, or as a refreshment centre throughout the event.

Custom Theming Our Bars

We can custom theme the bar to fit in with any event. From Alice in Wonderland theme, to a World War 2 event, we can work with you to design a theme to your precise requirements.

Gin is the on trend craze in drinks. With an ever growing selection of different flavours available, there is something for everyone.  In addition to favourites such as pink gin, we also have some rarer drinks, such as South African truffle gin.

Provide us with your precise requirements, and let us put together a custom themed offering to match your requirements.


Gin Drink
Gin Drinks
Staff working hard on gin bar
Staff hard at work on our gin bar
Our Gin Bar Illuinated sign
Gin Bar Sign
Our new rustic gin bar
Lux, our new gin bar service

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