Harley Davidson Engine Plate

Harley Davidson Owners Group Cider Rally 2018

Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOGS)

We recently travelled down to Weston Super Mare with The Duke, our wild west stagecoach. This was for a wild west evening at the Harley Davidson Owners Group Cider Rally 2018.

Although we are fast car and aircraft fans, we can certainly appreciate the engineering, and style of the Harley Davidson Bikes. The paintwork and gleaming chrome must have taken hours to polish to the standards on display.

Similarly, being V8 engine fans, we weren’t expecting much, but to be honest that Harley engine has a fabulous note. I don’t think we will be swapping our company transport in just yet, but we wouldn’t rule the possibility out at some point in the future of looking into acquiring a classic Harley. Probably one of the larger tourers rather than the sports models.

The Duke

Our wild west stagecoach is totally unique in the UK, and as far as we can tell Europe. Being built into a full sized replica Concord stagecoach. Fitted with sound effects, western props, and cowboy music, it went down a treat. I think the bikers are perhaps keeping the romance of the old west alive.

Anyway here are a few shots of some of the bikes we came across resplendent in various custom paint colours;

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