Christmas Photo Booth Hire

Its once more that season of goodwill, fun and cheer, when you start looking for Christmas photo booth hire. Once a great tradition, now probably the most commercialised month of the year. (We say month, but in reality it seems more like 2 or 3). 

For us its easily the busiest 4 or 5 weeks of the year. Christmas parties, Christmas promotions, everything seems to come in that few weeks. For some reason certain days in December seem mega busy, but there isn’t usually an obvious reason why.

A few of our lines, names the Christmas BaubleSnow globes, and our Christmas themed taxi photo booth make a brief yet super busy appearance on our roster, then fade into obscurity until the same time next year.

Any of them make a perfect party piece at your Xmas event, with themed music (Boy are we sick of little drummer boy by Christmas eve), dress up props, artificial snow and general feelgood factor.

Everyone knows how Santa looks, with his flowing white beard, and long red robes. However this is a relatively new look for him. It dates back to a painting commissioned by the Coca Cola company in 1931 from an artist called Haddon Sundblom. This was for their Christmas promotion, and the look quickly spread across America, and then most of the Western world.

There are still a few oddities about, in the Netherlands Santa is assisted by Zwarte Pete (Black Pete), who has dark skin, curly hair and listens at chimneys for evidence of children being naughty.  Grandfather Frost in Russia, is assisted by Snow Girl, his granddaughter. 

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