Some Of Our Catering Carts For Hire

Fun Cart Hire

We have a range of various catering carts available for hire, most of the catering items we offer can be supplied on the whole range of carts, so there should be something to suit everyone, if there isn’t  we can always custom design and build a cart for your event.

Warning These Chestnuts Contain Nuts

Hot Roast Chestnuts

Last winter we did a large number of jobs at a mobile telephone companies call centre’s. The last job before Christmas was supplying Hot Roast Chestnuts. This particular company is always hot on safety documentation, so we always ensure its up to date, and plentiful.

On this particular occasions we had their H&S guy come back with a small problem, our chestnut carts were not displaying signs to warn that our nuts might have nuts in them, there is no might about it, I can guarantee that each one does contain a nut, otherwise we would be contravening the trade descriptions act by charging for chestnuts without nuts in them.

This didn’t cut the mustard with him, their policy was that the signage was required. So that’s what we supplied.

I was happy to see then that in the new food safety laws that came into force on 13 December, the rules regarding the labelling of items containing food that people are allergic to states that obvious food such as peanuts and milk don’t need labelling to say they contain milk or peanuts.


image of a madman dealing with our chestnuts
Lunatics Taking Over The Asylum