Race Lace Explanation

Pink Candy Floss Cart And Race For Life

Tesco Banks Pink Candy Floss

Tesco Bank commissioned us to supply a number of special pink candy floss carts.  This coincided with the turning tesco pink promotion.


This aims to help recruit staff members to the Race For Life scheme operated by Cancer Research U.K. A fabulous charity helping to raise funds to investigate all 200 types of cancer.

A brilliantly quirky new touch are their #racelace shoe laces. Basically after signing up for the race for life, you swap one of your laces for a pink one.  This signifies your support for the charity. Although the race for life is a women only event, our MD and other staff members changed their laces in support.

Tesco asked for a number of candy floss carts giving out floss to the staff members. Our normal carts are decorated in a white and gold scheme. After finding out what the promotion was, we re-branded them in a pink scheme.

Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Pink Candy Floss Cart For Hire
Candy Floss Logo
Candy Floss Logo
Race Lace Explanation
Explanation of the race lace promotion for Cancer Research
CRUK with candy floss
CRUK staff member with candy floss
Race Lace pink boot lace.
Our M.D.’s new pink boot lace.

#racelace #thisisbeatingcancer #crukeventsscot

Churros Cart Hire, Another Super Dessert

Churros Cart Hire, The Spanish Doughnut

Another in our planned rollout of dessert carts with a more international flavour. We present Churros Cart Hire.  Churros are Spanish finger doughnuts. Frosted with sugar and served with our usual range of sauces, sprinkles and Nutella. These are a great alternative to the usual ring doughnuts.

A Perfect Complement

Traditionally in Spain, Churros are served with hot chocolate. Add one of our hot chocolate carts to make a perfect reception treat for your event.

Cadbury’s is still our most popular drinking chocolate, but we also offer Charbonnel Et Walker for those wanting an upmarket touch.

History Of Churros

Traditionally eaten in Spain and Portugal, as well as the Southwestern U.S. and France. Normally eaten for breakfast their origin is unclear. One theory suggests the Portuguese brought them  from China. The new pastry soon crossed the border into Spain, where it was modified to be pulled through a star shaped die, giving them their distinctive shape.

You can have delicious Churros, with our without hot chocolate on any of our range of themed catering carts, an ideal treat for weddings and parties, as well as corporate events.

Churros cart hire near me with chocolate dip
Churros With Chocolate Dip



The Boss Has A New Idea

You’ve Heard Of The Flying Doctor, Here’s The Flying Candy Floss Man

Never a dull moment at Fairview house, the boss has come up with a stunning plan. He is going to offer the first flying candy floss service. Sick of sitting in hours of traffic jams he is learning to fly. He has decided this will be quicker than roadtravel. In the near future he intends delivering candy floss carts via a little Cessna. Hopefully his flying will improve.


Cessna airplane upside down, flying candy floss service on hold
Thankfully not the boss flying this time.

A lot of our work is at R.A.F. bases so he might just be on to something with the new candy floss in the air thing.

Do You Do Candy Floss We Have Been Let Down Can You Help Us

Do you do candy floss, we have been let down?

Sadly we hear the plea for help with candy floss hire on a regular basis. Usually someone has had a service booked for quite a while and then been let down the night before. I’dlove to say we are able to  help them out, but the sad fact is we can’t. The one thing they have in common is they’ve decided to place a booking with someone charging ridiculously low fees.

Cheap Prices Get You A Cowboy

The last case of this we provided a quote for candy floss, only to be told that the existing supplier (the one who had let them down) had being going to do the job for £30. That’s right thirty pounds, I mean really, how does anyone run a legitimate business, requiring equipment to be invested in, insurance, tax and other fees paid, stock purchased, maintenance performed, fuel for transport purchased, along with a vehicle for said transport, and then a profit expected to be made, all from a charge of £30?

Unfortunately we know that we will receive plenty of more of these enquiries before the year is out.


Young Girl Eating Candy Floss
Candy Floss

Crepes New For 2018

French Crepe Cart Service

The next of our new lines for 2018 is the relaunch of our crepe cart hire service. Delicious soft french crepes, topped with fresh fruit, cream, and various sauces and toppings.

The Latin, crispus meaning curled, led to the French word Crepe. Originating in the Breton region of France, between the English Channel to the north and the Southern Bay of Biscay.

Making crepes has evolved from being cooked on large cast iron plates heated over a wood fire, to modern hot plates that are now gas or electric heated.

Celebrations With Crepes

We celebrate pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday, usually around the second week in February, while the French have their “Pancake Day”, on 2nd February, during a holiday known as Fete de la Chandeleur  or jour des crepes, during which it is traditional to hold a coin in your writing hand and a crepe pan in the other, and flip the crepe into the air. Your family will be prosperous if you manage to catch the crepe in the pan.

An International Dessert

Popular throughout Europe, the dessert has numerous names, inlcuding crespella (Italy), palacsintas (Hungary), blintzes (Jewish) plattars (Scandanavia), blini (Russia) and the Greek kreps.

Savoury Or Sweet

We offer both types of crepes, sweet for dessert, or as a savoury crepe with meats, cheeses, salad etc. This allows us to tailor the service to suit any requirements when you book our crepe cart hire.

Image of French crepes from our crepe cart hire service
Delicious French Crepes

Our First New Line For 2018 Poffertjes Cart Hire

New Lines For 2018 Poffertjes 

We are at that time of the year when we start launching some of the new lines we have in place for the coming season, the first of these is our Poffertjes cart hire service, which are mini Dutch pancakes, drizzled in butter and syrup and topped with a sauce, Nutella being our firm favourite.

An International Flavour

This is the first in a series of International themed dessert carts that are being launched in the coming months. A full range of options will be offered allowing clients to tailor make a dessert cart to their precise requirements.

We have spent a fair bit of time in Holland, and these delightful little pancakes were always a firm favourite, a little fluffier than the pancakes we are used to over here, they are absolutely delicious, either just with butter and sugar, or with a topping of sauce.


A picture of the mini pancakes from our poffertjes cart hire service
Poffertjes, Mini Dutch Pancakes
A picture of the poffertjes machine
Poffertjes Baker

Candy Floss Cart at Rock City

Candy Floss Cart At Rock City

With our candy floss carts we have a number of quite regular clients.  We like this because as well as a steady income stream, familiarity makes the job easier. One such gig is the Caramello party nights at the Rock City night spot in Nottingham. A nice 3 hour job, albeit unsociable hours.

The staff are always remarking on how busy it is, so we took advantage of our sister companies kit and borrowed a Go Pro time lapse camera to see what our candy floss operator actually does.

The video shows 2 things, just how hectic it is, and that a Go Pro camera battery doesn’t last 3 hours. We haven’t actually counted how many candy floss were served, but it was in excess of 400.

Video Of Our Staff Hard At It



New Product Launch

Vapshots Vapour Shots, A New Concept In Drinks Delivery

Vapshot is another new line we are launching. These are Vapour Shots, alcoholic drinks delivered under high pressure into a specially sealed container. When you pop the lid a portion of the drink instantly vapourises, you suck the result up using a straw. This delivers an instant alcoholic buzz. A stunning new concept in drinks, perfect for student events, military balls and general fun and games throughout the known universe.

What Flavour Vapshots Can I Have

Basically any type of shot is turned into a vapshot using our machine, whisky, taquila, gin, jagermeister, the list just goes on and on. Our machine has two delivery nozzles so you can have 2 seperate shots on tap.

This is a stunning new party line, with nothing else like it on the market.

Popped Vapour shot
A vapour shot after being popped
Professional Vapour Shot Machine
A professional grade vapour shot machine
Classic Morris Mini Parts

The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

The Biscuit Factory

Travelling the length and breadth of the country we come across some really quirky venues. I  remember the looks  in London asking people on the street for directions to the “House Of Correction”. Turned out to be the former underground cells for Clarkenwell prison. I still think it sounded very much like I was looking for a brothel!

We have just supplied frozen cocktails and hot dogs to a party at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, this was, as the name suggests, a former biscuit factory for the firm of Crawfords, now part of the United Biscuits Group

, it has been purchased and turned into an arts house type events venue, on the ground floor there is even a set of stills, I thought at first the arty types were perhaps producing moonshine, but turns out to be a proper pukka operation called Edinburgh Gin

Anyway, the venue was an interesting one, though rather chilly, due in part to there being no heating. The number of missing window panes didnt help either. We were operating a couple of Victorian style carts, which fit in with the event perfectly. On the 3rd floor where we were operating, the centerpiece attraction was parts of a 1960’s Morris Mini Deluxe car hanging from the ceiling. Well the seats sat on the floor, but the bonnet, boot and 2 doors were hanging from the ceiling.  I could have done with the drivers seat to replace the one that was stolen from our classic mini cooper, but there weren’t really any chances to smuggle it out.

The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh
A shot of the main event space at the Biscuit Factory
2 Victorian catering carts
Hot Dogs and Frozen Cocktails At The Biscuit Factory
Classic Morris Mini Parts
Sections of a Classic Morris Mini At The Biscuit Factory

Fun Catering Services With A Difference

Fun Catering Carts

We have offered a range of fun catering carts for quite a while now, including Victorian style, modern contemporary, Winter Alpine mini huts, even wild west style chuck wagon. However we are now updating and broadening the range we offer, we have commissioned a number of new themed carts which will be launched over the coming weeks, we are also adapting a number of our vehicles for catering use.

Fun Catering From An Indian Tuk Tuk

Imagine you could have your coffee served from an authentic Indian tuk tuk. Or what about pretzels served from the back of Del Boy Trotters three wheeled van? Our aim is to offer the most complete choice of catering carts in the industry.

Indian Tuk Tuk coffee cart
Our Indian Tuk Tuk, currently being adapted to serve as a coffee cart
Del Boy trotters 3 wheeled catering van.
Del Boy Trotter catering van