Do You Do Candy Floss We Have Been Let Down Can You Help Us

Do you do candy floss, we have been let down?

Sadly we hear the plea for help with candy floss hire on a regular basis. Usually someone has had a service booked for quite a while and then been let down the night before. I’dlove to say we are able to  help them out, but the sad fact is we can’t. The one thing they have in common is they’ve decided to place a booking with someone charging ridiculously low fees.

Cheap Prices Get You A Cowboy

The last case of this we provided a quote for candy floss, only to be told that the existing supplier (the one who had let them down) had being going to do the job for £30. That’s right thirty pounds, I mean really, how does anyone run a legitimate business, requiring equipment to be invested in, insurance, tax and other fees paid, stock purchased, maintenance performed, fuel for transport purchased, along with a vehicle for said transport, and then a profit expected to be made, all from a charge of £30?

Unfortunately we know that we will receive plenty of more of these enquiries before the year is out.


Young Girl Eating Candy Floss
Candy Floss

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