Harley Davidson Engine Plate

Harley Davidson Owners Group Cider Rally 2018

Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOGS)

We recently travelled down to Weston Super Mare with The Duke, our wild west stagecoach. This was for a wild west evening at the Harley Davidson Owners Group Cider Rally 2018.

Although we are fast car and aircraft fans, we can certainly appreciate the engineering, and style of the Harley Davidson Bikes. The paintwork and gleaming chrome must have taken hours to polish to the standards on display.

Similarly, being V8 engine fans, we weren’t expecting much, but to be honest that Harley engine has a fabulous note. I don’t think we will be swapping our company transport in just yet, but we wouldn’t rule the possibility out at some point in the future of looking into acquiring a classic Harley. Probably one of the larger tourers rather than the sports models.

The Duke

Our wild west stagecoach is totally unique in the UK, and as far as we can tell Europe. Being built into a full sized replica Concord stagecoach. Fitted with sound effects, western props, and cowboy music, it went down a treat. I think the bikers are perhaps keeping the romance of the old west alive.

Anyway here are a few shots of some of the bikes we came across resplendent in various custom paint colours;

Wild West Photo Booth Hire

Wild West Photo Booth Hire

The Duke, is our wild west stagecoach photo booth for hire. Built into a full sized replica Concorde stagecoach, (Think John Wayne). This is one of our totally unique offerings, because as far as we know this is the only booth in a stagecoach in Europe.

The Stagecoach

After spending around 6 months with an expert joiner on the build, we finally rolled it out complete. A visit from an artist to decorate it in the style of a Wells and Fargo stage saw it finished off ready for the launch.

Actually being able to sit in it made you begin to appreciate just how hardy those early pioneers was. Imagine travelling thousands of miles in a cramped coach with upto 16 other people was an ordeal.

In the movies, the stage would regularly outrun Indians and bandits. In reality, it was called a stage, because it used to travel in stages, swapping teams of horses at each stage. A stage would be perhaps 12 miles, so you can imagine how long travel would take.

The Booth

We added sound effects, props, decoration, and staff dressed as cowboys. Add in the prints themed as mini wanted posters, and you have a cracking booth for any event, but unbeatable for wild west parties.

To complement the booth we created a range of games units, this provides a complete wild west entertainment package.

A photo booth built into a wild west stage coach
Stagecoach Photo Booth
Old Wild West Saloon Bar For Hire
Wild West Shooting Saloon
Wild West Games Unit
Wild West Games Stall

Crepes New For 2018

French Crepe Cart Service

The next of our new lines for 2018 is the relaunch of our crepe cart hire service. Delicious soft french crepes, topped with fresh fruit, cream, and various sauces and toppings.

The Latin, crispus meaning curled, led to the French word Crepe. Originating in the Breton region of France, between the English Channel to the north and the Southern Bay of Biscay.

Making crepes has evolved from being cooked on large cast iron plates heated over a wood fire, to modern hot plates that are now gas or electric heated.

Celebrations With Crepes

We celebrate pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday, usually around the second week in February, while the French have their “Pancake Day”, on 2nd February, during a holiday known as Fete de la Chandeleur  or jour des crepes, during which it is traditional to hold a coin in your writing hand and a crepe pan in the other, and flip the crepe into the air. Your family will be prosperous if you manage to catch the crepe in the pan.

An International Dessert

Popular throughout Europe, the dessert has numerous names, inlcuding crespella (Italy), palacsintas (Hungary), blintzes (Jewish) plattars (Scandanavia), blini (Russia) and the Greek kreps.

Savoury Or Sweet

We offer both types of crepes, sweet for dessert, or as a savoury crepe with meats, cheeses, salad etc. This allows us to tailor the service to suit any requirements when you book our crepe cart hire.

Image of French crepes from our crepe cart hire service
Delicious French Crepes

Our First New Line For 2018 Poffertjes Cart Hire

New Lines For 2018 Poffertjes 

We are at that time of the year when we start launching some of the new lines we have in place for the coming season, the first of these is our Poffertjes cart hire service, which are mini Dutch pancakes, drizzled in butter and syrup and topped with a sauce, Nutella being our firm favourite.

An International Flavour

This is the first in a series of International themed dessert carts that are being launched in the coming months. A full range of options will be offered allowing clients to tailor make a dessert cart to their precise requirements.

We have spent a fair bit of time in Holland, and these delightful little pancakes were always a firm favourite, a little fluffier than the pancakes we are used to over here, they are absolutely delicious, either just with butter and sugar, or with a topping of sauce.


A picture of the mini pancakes from our poffertjes cart hire service
Poffertjes, Mini Dutch Pancakes
A picture of the poffertjes machine
Poffertjes Baker
Classic Morris Mini Parts

The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

The Biscuit Factory

Travelling the length and breadth of the country we come across some really quirky venues. I  remember the looks  in London asking people on the street for directions to the “House Of Correction”. Turned out to be the former underground cells for Clarkenwell prison. I still think it sounded very much like I was looking for a brothel!

We have just supplied frozen cocktails and hot dogs to a party at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, this was, as the name suggests, a former biscuit factory for the firm of Crawfords, now part of the United Biscuits Group

, it has been purchased and turned into an arts house type events venue, on the ground floor there is even a set of stills, I thought at first the arty types were perhaps producing moonshine, but turns out to be a proper pukka operation called Edinburgh Gin

Anyway, the venue was an interesting one, though rather chilly, due in part to there being no heating. The number of missing window panes didnt help either. We were operating a couple of Victorian style carts, which fit in with the event perfectly. On the 3rd floor where we were operating, the centerpiece attraction was parts of a 1960’s Morris Mini Deluxe car hanging from the ceiling. Well the seats sat on the floor, but the bonnet, boot and 2 doors were hanging from the ceiling.  I could have done with the drivers seat to replace the one that was stolen from our classic mini cooper, but there weren’t really any chances to smuggle it out.

The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh
A shot of the main event space at the Biscuit Factory
2 Victorian catering carts
Hot Dogs and Frozen Cocktails At The Biscuit Factory
Classic Morris Mini Parts
Sections of a Classic Morris Mini At The Biscuit Factory

New Year, New Fitness Regime, New Fitbit

Fitbit For Our Staff

To celebrate surviving another ridiculously busy December, we have decided to get our entire team fit. To this end we have bought a number of FitBit trackers.  Along with automatic scales and food tracking software to keep track of every-bodies progress. Some of us have even joined a local gym, the MD (yours truly) being one of them.

I have to say that the fitibit Eco system is turning out to be quite impressive. The food tracking app makes it easy to monitor the calories your taking in. The nutritional information it lists makes it really easy to see what foods are best to eat at any particular time of the day. To be honest one of the biggest surprises has been just how nice some of the good foods are, after a December long diet of McDonald s your taste buds eventually become numb, and eating fresh fruit and vegetables seems to reawaken them.

The gym has even began to become a little easier. The first days visit left most of us unable to walk properly, much left lift anything, but now it has become quite invigorating, in fact getting up at 6 to hit the gym for 6.30 has meant that we are seeing earlier starts in the office and getting more done.


Guy Lifting Weights to try his fitbit
One Of Our Highly Motivated Staff Getting Fit



Some Of Our Catering Carts For Hire

Fun Cart Hire

We have a range of various catering carts available for hire, most of the catering items we offer can be supplied on the whole range of carts, so there should be something to suit everyone, if there isn’t  we can always custom design and build a cart for your event.

Arrival Of A Princess And Our Espresso Cart

Espresso Cart

We’ve been on standby for the last fortnight waiting upon the arrival of the Royal Baby. Our job was giving tea and coffee out to the paparazzi camped outside the Lindo wing of the hospital.

As it turned out we had just got back from bloody London when it was announced Kate had gone into labour. We promptly dashed back upto the smoke to get ready for the Royal arrival.

On arrival we discovered that we didn’t actually have a site for the coffee cart sorted out. Basically we were setting up just around the corner from the Lindo wing. Hoping the Police didn’t move us on.

We sent the Prosecco out to the paparazzi first, as princess Charlotte had just been born. Then began assembling the coffee cart in the midst of numerous police officers walking around armed with sub machine guns, to be honest I am surprised that we were pretty much ignored by the security services and set up without any problem. At one point Prince William drove past us about 3 feet away, so hopefully the security services had somehow ascertained we were no threat without us realising, if not then security was rather lapse.

Espresso Cart Outside the Lindo Wing
Set up on the side of the road round the corner from the Lindo Wing