Tough Mudder And Competition 20 Years Younger

Tough Mudder And Competition 20 Years Younger

6th October 2020 0 By jarm69

When you hit the age of 50, you start taking stock. I was enjoying life, business was successful, I had just attained my private pilots licence. I had a car I always wanted to own (Maserati Quattroporte) . But you also start looking at yourself. 50 is pretty much well over half way through your life. Although I was always reasonably fit, I had piled 2 or 3 stone extra on, all around my middle, the famous middle age spread.

My daughter brought it home when she remarked, you know what dad, your overweight, your cloths need an update, and when you drive your Maserati you look like you have stolen it. Bloody cheek, but she did have a point. I took the plunge and signed up with a local gym. My wife was already working out there, and had really toned up over about 18 months.

I started with some running and gym work. TBH I found it a bit boring and was struggling with motivation. At my better halfs suggestion, I tried some of the high intensity training classes. Being the only guy amongst probably 20 woman could have been intimidating but I thought what the heck.

The first one nearly killed me, I came out struggling to breath and wanting to throw up. But after a few weeks I found them bearable, and slowly upped my workrate.

Mates With Your Daughters Mates

Now, its a funny thing but for some reason I am mates with my daughters friends. I think a nice car, pilots licence and knowing things like how to tie a bow tie grants me a small level of coolness.

One of them was a but of a gym rat and we got talking about exercise regimes. He mentioned that he always fancied doing a tough mudder. After talking about it he challenged me to do one with him, 10 miles and 25 obstacles.

The rest of the family thought this was hilarious, he is 20 years younger than me, and they all kept telling me I would have a heart attack.

Thing is, I don’t like losing. So after accepting the challenge I upped my work rate determined to put a good showing in.

The Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder

On the day, I have to say it was one of the best things I have experienced. The course was tough, as were many of the obstacles, and in truth you couldn’t treat it as an actual race, as many of the obstacles required team work to get over.

It got mildly annoying when I completed an obstacle to turn around and find Kieren looking back a the obstacle. “What you doing”, “Oh looking for you”, your looking the wrong bloody way mate, I am in front of you not behind!

Mid way round I slipped on a rope and broke a finger in 3 places. I wasn’t really aware of this until a couple of days later as I think the adrenaline kept the pain at bay.

One of the obstacles was a low frame you had to climb under with wires hanging down, touch one and you received a 10,000 volt jolt of electricity. All you could hear was “CRACK”, aaargh, it was hilarious, or it was until you were the one screaming.

Arctic Enema

Mid way round we were starting to flag a bit, when we came to the Arctic Enema. A skip full of ice and water that you slid into, then had to swim underwater to clear the obstacle. The shock was incredible, but once we climbed out and started to run it felt like every atom in your body was on fire, totally energised we felt almost brand new.

Arctic Enema Ice Bath
Arctic Enema Ice Bath

The final obstacle was a marquee you ran through, full of hanging electrical wires that were impossible to avoid. We set off neck and neck, I chose a central path that give me shocks both sides of the body. Kieren tried to take them all down one side. As I made it through I turned back just in time to see him fall down. I looked at him, looked at the finish line 30 ft away, and of course ran over the finish line before coming back to help him!