Free Personalisation Service

16th September 2020 0 By jarm69

We have always branded our carts and consumables for our corporate clients. Ranging from full vinyl wrapping of our carts, to custom printed coffee sleeves. These usually tended to be prohibitively expensive for smaller weddings and parties. During the lockdown we have been examining all the services we offer. As a result we have now acquired a new equipment portfolio allowing us to print vinyl wraps, custom brand things like coffee cup sleeves and ice cream tubs. This allows us to offer a FREE catering personalisation service for smaller clients.

Ice Cream

Custom Branded Ice Cream Options

Our ice cream branding is starting off with personalising the tubs and also providing drip catchers for the little ones. We have all seen the state kids can get themselves into at weddings with things like chocolate fountains and ice cream. This helps alleviate the ice cream problem at least.

We are also waiting on delivery of our new food printer which will allow us to add customised ice cream wafers.


Coffee Branding Options

One of our favourite lines. We can provide small print runs of free cup sleeves with the happy couples names added. Additionally our new latte printer allows text or images to be added directly to the coffee foam, sure to go Instagram crazy.

Candy Floss

Branded Candy Floss

We have added a service to actually brand the candy floss up. Not the bags or tubs, but the actual floss you eat. At the minute its only monochrome but we are working on this.

We can also offer custom printed tubs, perfect as wedding favours or give aways.


Branded Chestnut Bags
Branded Chestnut Bags

One of our most popular winter lines are roast chestnuts, the traditional paper bags can be branded in full colour.


Crepe Cone Holder
Crepe Cone Holder

Crepes are usually served folded into a triangle. Our cones are another eye catching branding opportunity for weddings or events.

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf Branding Options
Crazy Golf Branding Options

Score cards come branded as standard, and we can even brand the actual golf balls off. With the happy couples names for weddings, or a corporate logo for our company clients.


Branded Napkins

Usable for pretty much any of our catering items, our quality airlaid napkins can be printed with corporate logo’s or sales messages, or with the names of the happy couple if its a wedding.