Pizza Themed Wedding

27th November 2019 0 By Ems

For most people getting married follows a set of traditional trends that’s been around for century’s, a church, till death do us part vows, a big white dress, something old, new and blue and of course sharing the day with your family and friends. However for some they may want to think outside the box and do something a little different, something that will set their wedding apart from any other wedding in history. This can be hard though to think of something that hasn’t been done or how to put your own personal spin on a wedding but still manage to keep within your set budget…a very stressful times for many newly engaged couples starting out in the big wide world of wedding planning.

Chicago Town

Chicago town pizza may have just the answer. The fast food pizza chain is offering a competition for all soon-to-be-weds to enter with the prize being a pizza based wedding package. Who wouldn’t love a pizza wedding????

The wedding package includes a fairy tail elegant, princess worthy bridal gown fit for any beautiful bride…with a cheesy twist instead of the traditional white lace this dress dons the detailed print of a scrumptious looking pepperoni pizza on it, complete with a thick crisp crust. There is also accessories accompanying the dress such as a matching pizza bouquet and a six tier pizza cake that the lucky couple get to cut into, a honeymoon to Chicago and some spending money to treat yourself once your there. The competition is not only aimed at the quirky couples or the lifelong pizza lovers but also the couples that may have a small budget.

Research First

The fast food chain decided to run the competition in the first place based on a poll that was conducted with 2000 brits. The research conducted found that overall wedding guests consider the food at a wedding to be more important than the actual exchanging of vows, with around 2 fifths of poll people saying that they would enjoy having a pizza meal at a wedding. And around 64% of brits said that they are excited to attend a wedding if they now that pizza is on the menu.

The competition package was created to appeal to both newlyweds to be and their guests. The Chicago Town Brand Manager, Rachel Bradshaw said that “Weddings are the ultimate celebration of love, but it seems like our obsession with food trumps everything else when it comes to anticipating and enjoying someone else’s big day.