a small trip for man…one big trip for toddler

24th November 2019 0 By Ems

One small journey for man…one large journey for toddler We’re all used to hearing the stories of how you can’t take your eyes of a toddler for two minutes as the fearless children take seconds to get up to any type of mischief. Even in their cots you hear of children learning to take a leap and jumping out the cot and escaping however it’s unusual to hear that a small child escaped down the street to a fairground!

 Kenneth Allen is a toddler from a home in Minnesota. The child’s parents had to called the police in a frenzy when they realised their small son had gone missing in his toy tractor. The police was called when worried parents couldn’t find their small child who had been playing in his battery powered tractor.

Local Reports

According to reports it was found that the small independent child had taken a trek to the local fairground which was two blocks away from his home. Having visited once the child miraculously managed to navigate his way through his home town to get back to the fairground.

The police arrived and responded to the incident quickly and managed to locate the boy watching the Tilt-A-Whirl ride at the Chicago County fair ground. The child was found safe and happy and returned to his very worried parents. It seems that once the incident was over and the toddler was found safe that the funny side was seen by all involved. I have to say I can’t blame the poor boy for wanting another day at the fair before it leaves his town!.

Once found and returned home the tots father removed the tractors battery! Hopefully the Child’s license was revoked as well and he won’t manage to escape on another journey to his favourite local spots.