Traditional Sweet Treat Favorites

Traditional Sweet Treat Favorites

20th November 2019 0 By Ems

Who remembers the good old traditional sweet treat favorites …the Palmer violets, pear drops and lemon sherbet. Well how good would it be if these was new gin flavors that you could drink with a fresh cool lemonade or a slim line tonic. Well Asda are making this dream come true with their launch of the new traditional flavored gin. This comes just in time for the summer months and in time for all our summer gin bar events.

Gin is the new popular spirit at the moment with a number of trendy gin spots opening on every street corner with new colorful flavors ready for your taste buds. Asda has upped their game among other supermarket stores offering the most colorful and delightful flavors. With a number of different flavors and garnishes available in store such as strawberries, juniper berries or a fresh slice of cucumber.

This traditional sweet treat favorites drink will make take you straight back to your childhood with every long lasting sip you take but it will also make you the pro at throwing the summer barbecue party. It’s not only the flavor that will be the talk of the party but the colour too. Both the lemon sherbet and the Pear drop gins have a glittery shimmer appearance to them. The Palma violet transforms from a deep purple spirit to a light pink color when mixed with a tonic water.

Its important to experiment with gins and different flavored tonics till you find the right one that compliments the natural zest and flavor of the Gin. On our gin bar we have worked with experts and mixologists to find the perfect soft drink and garnishes to put with the different flavored gin so that we can recommend to you what’s the best. We hope to launch some new gin flavors at the end of the month creating a unique and full bar. We will also be looking to introduce more of these
traditional sweet treat favorites to help take you back to your childhood.