Who Doesn’t Love A Gin

3rd April 2019 0 By Ems
Different Brands of Gin

Who doesn’t love a gin, in them fancy gin glasses with all the trimmings, the berries, the cucumbers the refreshing fruity flavours you can get. A pink gin and lemonade is my go to drink at any social gathering, in fact hell if I could drink it all the time without being judged or ushered into an AA meeting I would! In fact I’m such a big gin fan that for Christmas I received a Gin advent calendar from my mam and to date that’s still the best present I’ve ever received in both my child and adult life, 25 different brands and flavours to divulge in and try.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Gin

In fact the first time I tried gin was whilst on holiday in Ibiza, sun sea sand and gin. Holliday’s and Gin are two of life’s best offers so imagine combining them and earning money whilst doing so. No…no you’re not dreaming this is a job! Travel the world and drink gin.

The gin connoisseur of companies Bombay Sapphire and Inception group have joined together to create a once in a lifetime job experience.  They have advertised for a global ambassador (to me and you this is an expert gin consumer) who will have the opportunity to travel to places around the globe including Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon.

The job has been designed to help celebrate the opening of a new bar called Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration, that is a bar designed around Phileas Fogg’s 80 Day Trip around the globe. The aim is to go around the globe like Fogg did and try different gins In each location. To ensure that you don’t get lonely on this amazing trip you are allowed to take a plus one providing they like gin

Social Media

Whilst on this trip you are expected to post your journey on social media, document it on a blog, sharing photos and what’s going on in each place, you’ll also be expected to collect fancy and different botanicals and research different cocktails from each place along the way But lets face it you’ll be documenting every aspect of your jet set lifestyle trip just to show off to all your family and friends stuck at home in their boring 9-5 job.

The job vacancy advertisement didn’t describe much however it did say that the chosen candidate will need to be skilled in social media, photography, writing, exploring and loving gin obviously. They will also have to know the two brands inside and out and have a valid 1 year passport, the job covers three months and will need your constant devotion.

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As much as this does sound too good to be true for everyone apart from the two chosen lucky winners we do offer an alternative. Our portable gin bar, full of unique gin flavours such as pink, African truffle and rhubarbs & pear. We also offer a selection of mixers with both tonics and lemonade and a number of spritzy garnishes, and although you can’t travel the world with it we do travel anywhere in the uk to you to ensure that your next event can be covered by a superb gin bar.