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It was a tough race of men and woman that won the West. The stories from yesteryear left us with many classic icons Winchester rifles, the Colt Peacemaker gun. Apache, Sioux and Comanche Indians, and the Wells and Fargo stagecoach.

We commissioned the building of a totally one off custom replica stagecoach. Designed to install our photo booth in. This is the only booth of its kind in this country and for Wild West themed parties is the pinnacle of photo booths.

Any of our booths can be custom themed to suit your event. Whether its an appearance at an exhibition, or a sales promotion. We can add custom branding, personalised flags, themed prints, even cowboys dressed to match your colour scheme.

Our Stagecoach booth can be supplied with a range of social media tablets. Wirelessly connected to the booth they allow the guests to upload and share their images via Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and via email.

Spread your brands social media juice. Perfect for corporate parties, sales promotions and exhibitions.

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Wild West Stagecoach Photo Booth

The Duke, A Wild West Photo Booth Hire.

The rootin, tootin Wells & Fargo stagecoach photo booth system, the only one of its kind in the U.K.

Complete with cowboy booth butlers, themed props, even cowboy music playing. This booth is unbeatable for any wild west themed events. We also offer a range of wild west themed games to accompany it. You can have your own little wild west town to entertain your guests.

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Our fantastic stagecoach comes with;

  • Booth Butlers Dressed As Cowboys.
  • Wild West Music Playing.
  • Wild West Sound Effects.
  • Wild West Themed Props Box.
  • Wild West Accessories.
  • A Totally Unique Themed Booth.

This booth isnt just a booth, it is a centrepiece for any wild west themed event.

Our booth butlers wear real cowboy dress and even carry blank firing cowboy guns. Altogether a total league above any other booth on the market for an event like this.

Wild West Shooting Saloon Hire

To complement our wild west photo booth, we also offer a range of themed games. A shooting gallery (using replica Winchester guns), cactus hoopla and graveyard horseshoe toss. We can also supply a whisky wagon, or a chuck wagon with hot dogs. Taken all together we can provide you with a little replica town to entertain your guests.

Wild West Games Hire

Our Stagecoach photo booth uses only the best equipment;

  • Professional Dye Sub Print Systems.
  • Canon DSLR Cameras.
  • Integrated Touch Screen Control System.
  • Cowboy Sound Effects.
  • Cowboy Music System.

Every Booth Hire Is Provided With;

  • Guest Book.
  • Additional Set Of Prints.
  • Cowboy Dressed Booth Butlers.
  • Custom Themed Prints.
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Wells and Fargo Photo Booth
Wild West Themed Print

Our Unique Wild West Photo Booth System Is Available For Hire. In Scotland, London, The Midlands, The North East, Lancashire, Yorkshire And The Rest Of The U.K. And Europe

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

John Wayne.

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Some Of Our High Profile Clients.

Martin House Hospice

The Stage Coach.

Based on the plans for a Concord Stagecoach, our photo booth is a one off. The original Concord coach was designed by J Stephen Abbot, a coachbuilder and the wheelwright Lewis Downing. They were based in Concord, New Hampshire, hence the name.

In its time the Concord was a high end, expensive coach, but one with long lasting build and ride properties that beat its competitors. Contrary to the many Hollywood movies, coaches didn't gallop across the west persued by Indians. The name comes from the fact that they travelled in stages. From one relay station to another at around 5 m.p.h In a day they would cover perhaps 60 to 70 miles. At each station or ‘stage’ the team of horses would be swapped for fresh ones, hence the name.

The stage ours is based on would have had bench seating for 9 passengers inside, and could carry another 6 passengers on the roof.

The body rested on leather braces, so as the coach travelled the whole body would swing and sway to absorb the bumps from the harsh terrain.

As the Concord was so expensive, Abbot-Downing produced a much chaper model called the Overland wagon, costing around half the price, it was a much simpler and lighter coach.

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