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The Cyclone Twister Ride For Hire

High speed thrills with a unique twisting motion a modern take on a classic fairground ride. State of the art lighting and modern sound systems make this a perfect family thrill ride, capable of taking slightly younger children for a thrilling ride. A perfect centrepiece for your event and suitable for any venue..

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History Of The Twist

Like many rides, the Twist originated in the good ole USA. Eli Bridge, famous for its production of ferris wheels created the first “Grasscutter twist”, similar to the modern ride but without the flooring and constructed from scratch at each event.

Edwin Hall, a renowned U.K. based manufacturer acquired the licence to produce copies of this ride and it was introduced to the domestic market around 1959.


Whats The Ride Feel Like

Its easy to see where the ride acquired its name. A unique twisting motion as you circle at the end of an arm, which then circles the centre of the ride giving you a double spinning motion, thrusting you forward, before whipping you back.

Not as extreme as some of the modern thrill rides, but a step up from the ferris wheel or meteorite.

We have added bang up to date L.E.D lighting systems, and a state of the art music system to create a modern classic perfect for any type of event.

The twist ride can be supplied anywhere in the U.K. or Europe, including Yorkshire, The North East, Lancashire, The Midlands, London and Scotland. It is a thrilling ride suitable for military functions, college balls, corporate events, company fun days, exhibitions weddings and parties of any kind.
Cyclone Twist Ride For Hire
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