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Themed Crazy Golf Holes.

Our first range of crazy golf holes was designed for general purpose use. Parties, corporate events, exhibitions thats sort of thing.

9 holes in total with a different theme on each ranging from battle tanks to rubber ducks. Cute and quirky to add to the fun.

Click on the holes below for close up details.

We can also design custom holes for specific jobs, and have a free personalisation package to brand up different parts of the games for parties or events. Check out our corporate branding packs....
Themed Crazy Golf Hire

In Today's Instagram Generation, Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web, It hasn't just got to be good, it has to look good too.

Pirate Themed Crazy Golf Hole
Crazy Golf Hole Ducky Ducky
Crazy Golf Hole Lego World

Hole 1 Shiver Me Timbers

Everyone loves a pirate. Well, not everyone, I should imagine all those who were pillaged, made to walk the plank or otherwise murdered horribly, weren't too impressed.

But the rest of us like them. Jump the shipwreck, get fired from the cannon, round the bend then try and mount the jolly roger. Aargh, thats one hole out the way shipmate.

Hole 2 Ducky Ducky Ducky

A range of character ducks, Boris Johnson, Trump, Winston Churchill, a pilot, an astronaut, Sherlock Holmes and Duck Vader.

Navigate past the gang of ducks (or is that a gaggle?), through the target ducks, up the ramp and into the water bath. You'll feel a bit wet after this one.

Hole 3 Lego World

Build yourself happy, the joy of lego. Through the field of heads, under the lego tunnel, avoid the random blocks, and into the tower. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Crazy Golf Hole Happy Ever After
Crazy Golf Hole Match Of The Day
Crazy Golf Hole A Day In The Country

Hole 4 Happy Ever After

Our wedding themed hole. Through the pack of wedding skittles (Bride, groom, minister and the best man), slalom through Mr and Mrs, and up the hill into the hole.

Hole 5 Match Of The Day

Daaah, dah dah dah dah dah, dah daaah dah dah dah dah. Enough of the theme tune, this one looks oh so simple but is more difficult than you think. Straight through the cones, up the climb and into the goals, easy peasy Saint and Greavesy.

Its been said that you can do this as a par one hole. It's also been said that one day Millwall will win the cup.

Hole 6 A Day In The Country

I can't sing and I can't dance, but I can drive a tractor. Our English countryside themed hole. Beware of cows and pigs, turn left at the windmill and straight into the flower garden.
Crazy Golf Hole Hammer House Of Horror
Crazy Golf Hole Heavy Tank Battle
Send In The Clowns Themed Mini Golf Hole

Hole 7 Hammer House Of Horror

Skulls, ghouls and Frank And Stein (a famous double act). Through the gravestone, dodge the slalom of skulls and into the hole.
Hole 8 Heavy Tank Battle

Battle out it with the famous German Tiger Tank and the equally famous American Sherman. Through the tanks, around the bend, another batch of tanks (watch out for the gun emplacement) and up the hill into the hole.

Hole 9 Send In The Clowns

We have happy clowns, not clowns like pennywise, or chucky, but the fun, big shoed, red nosed kind. Through the field of said noses, up the face and in a choice of holes.
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