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History Of The Hot Dog

Wieners, Franks, hot dog, Frankfurter. Different names for the same delicious finger food.

One of the world's favourite snacks, but did you ever stop and wonder how and when someone decided to take a sausage and stick it into a bun. Was it planned, a stroke of rare genius, or a happy accident.

There are many things in life we are unsure of, why does the peregrine falcon dives at over 200mph, did aliens build the pyramids, where is Lord Lucan. Well guess what, there are a number of different stories of who is the hot dog creator.

No doubt, the truth is some American invented them 5 years before Columbus set off for the New World, or a Soviet scientist created them as part of a cunning socialist plan. Some other possibilities are listed below;

History Of The Hot Dogs
History Of The Hot Dog

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A Chilli Dog
John Wayne Hot Dog
Floss Dog

Charles Feltman

Herr Feltman was a German-American restaurateur who it is said invented the hot dog in 1867.

He was familiar with the Frankfurter sausage from his homeland in Germany. He began to operate a pushcart pie wagon at Coney Island beach.

He allegedly came up with the idea of inserting a Frankfurter into an elongated roll. This could be carried and eaten conveniently on the street of beach. He named it the Coney Island Red Hot and it became a hit.

Legend has it that the name hot dog arose because the public couldn't determine exactly what meat was in the meal.

Johann Georghehner

Georghehner was a butcher living in Coburg, Germany. According to some he first created the 'Dachshund' or 'little-dog' sausage.

Though the city of Frankfurt disputes this, as they claim to have been creating the same type of sausage from the 13th century. Giving them out to people during imperial coronations.


Another German immigrant to the USA, this gentleman from Frankfurt, was reputed to have pioneered the practice of putting the sausage in a bun in the American midwest.

One accounts credits his wife with proposing the use of a bun in 1880. He sold his sausages on the streets of St Louis, handing out white gloves for the customers to hold the hot sausages. When he bagan losing money, because his customers didn't return the gloves, his wife suggested serving them in a bun instead.
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