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Hole 8 - Heavy Tank Battle.

One of the most feared sounds of World War 2 was the rumble of tank tracks. The metallic squealing was the harbinger of death for infantry troops.

Here we have two of the most famous combatents from that period. The famed German Tiger Tank. A true heavyweight of the tank world, long range gun, thick armour a beast by any yardstick.

Standing in its was was the equally legendary American Sherman. Built in hugh numbers, it struggled against the Tiger until it was fitted with the British 17 pounder gun, turning it into the Firefly, capable of trading punches with the Tiger.
Heavy Tank Battle Crazy Golf Hole
Heavy Tank Battle Golf Hole

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Tiger Tanks
Sherman Tank
Tank Bridge

Tiger Tanks

One of the most unwelcome sights on the battlefield. Well , if you were on the allied side, the Germans absolutely loved them.

Sherman Tank

Overmatched at first, the addition of the British 17 pounder gun transformed the Sherman into a true legend.

Battlefield Bridge

Designed to link the two halves of the battlefield the bridge is a curved obstacle with a slight slope, so you need accuray and power to traverse it.
Tank Traps

Tank Traps

Avoid the tanks trap zig zags and stright up the incline into the hole.

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