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Spanish Churros

When it comes to the history of the churros, it can be a little complicated.

Although it is regarded as a Spanish dessert, some historians believe it to be a descendant of a chinese pastry called youtiao.

The basis of this is the story the Portuguese explorers who supposedly brought it back to Iberia, where it evolved into the classic star edged shape as it gained popularity throughout Spain.

An alternative theory is that Spanish shepherds invented churros when they fried a dough made of flour, water and salt, the same basic ingredients used today, though modern churros can have the addition of eggs and butter.
Churros The Classic Spanish Dessert
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Churros With Chocolate
Baked Churros
Churros Continental Cart

Churros And Chocolate

We may never know the real facts around the invention of the dessert, but it is more certain about when chocolate became involved.

Churros were introduced to South America during the Spanish Inquisition during the 1500's. It was around this time that the Spanish returned to Europe with Cacao. When it was sweetened with sugar cane, it produced the thick rich chocolate that was perfect for dunking churros in.

It developed into a tradition that endures to this day.

Making Churros

The traditional version is deep fried. We have the traditional extruders and fryers to make the dessert the old way.

However in todays health conscious world, and due to the health and safety concerns over using deep fat fryers indoors, we have also introduced a baked churros system.

You get the same great taste, but in a healthier package and keeping the HSE happy.

Cream And Fillings

Though traditionally served with chocolate to dunk in, churros are also 'injected' with various fillings. These can be jam, cream, custard, chocolate, pretty much anything that can be cycled through the injector.

Check out our Churros catering service if you fancy the dessert for your wedding or event.

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