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Gourmet Hot Dogs

Possibly the most popular of the snack food offerings, franks always go down a storm at weddings and events.

We have supplied them for a number of years in their classic form of dog, mustard, ketchup and onions.

Over time we experimented with various one off specials for clients, some fabulous, others we thought disgusting, but hey, the client is always right!

Here are a selection of some of our most memorable concoctions.
Gourmet Hot Dog Range
Gourmet Hot Dog Range

In Today's Instagram Generation, Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web, It hasn't just got to be good, it has to look good too.

Nacho Dog
Dutch Dog
Chilli Dog

Nacho Dog

Our Tex-Mex themed offering. A classic frankfurter, covered in nacho cheese sauce, layered with onions, jalapeno peppers and garnished with nacho chips.

Dutch Dog

Mayonnaise mixedwith chopped peppers and onions, and garnished with poffertjes, which are mini Dutch pancakes. Add a little Dutch tricolour for fun and you have our Dutch dog.

Chilli Dog

Add hot beef chilli, jalapeno peppers, grated cheese and you have our smoking chilli dog.
Samurai Dog
The John Wayne
Floss Dog

The Samurai

Our oriental hot dog. A fabulous frank, caoted with sushi (contrary to popular belief sushi is rice pickled wine, not raw fish), add onions, fish and liberally coat in wasabi sauce for some added heat.


So good we names it in capitals. Chopped hot dog, baked beans (Heinz of course), onions and pickles, topped with mustard and ketchup to taste, yeehaa.

The Floss Dog

The product of a deranged mind. A hot dog topped with candy floss, or cotton candy if you are a Yank. Layered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. Perhaps vomit dog might have been a better name.
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