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Fairground Games For Hire
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Funfair Games For Hire.

We offer a comprehensive selection of funfair games for hire, all of the old traditional favourites such as shooting gallery, hoopla, coconut shie, and test your strength. Games come provided with prizes, (the usual little fluffy toys, inflatable hammers and the like) and make an ideal complement to our range of fairground rides. Some games are purely skill based and others purely luck, we can advise on the best mixture taking into account the ages of the players and the type of event.

We can also theme the games to suit specific events, or even offer a branding service for corporate promotions, fun days and exhibitions.

Funfair Games For Hire

We have a wide selection of classic fairground games for hire;

  • Shooting Gallery
  • Coconut Shie
  • Basketball
  • Hoopla
  • Can Can
  • Ring Toss
  • Lucky Dip
  • Test Your Strength
  • Hook a Duck
  • Ball In A Bucket
  • Ball In A Milk Churn
  • Darts
  • Mini Crossbows

Many of these are available as both sidestall and round stall versions depending on what suits your particular venue or set up.

We also offer a range of crazy golf courses, a perfect complement to our range of games, available as a standard course, or themed to suit any event.

In common with the rides we offer for hire, our expertise is available to you to help guide your selection of games depending on the age and numbers of your guests. We can put together an interactive package of games units that will keep the guests entertained and playing throughout the duration of the event.

Games Themes

We also offer a theming service for many of the games, and currently have a number of standard themes available;

  • Victorian
  • Gangsters
  • Horror
  • World War 2
  • Pirates
  • Circus

We can also design and produce a specific theme to suit your precise requirements.

Corporate Branding

For sales promotions, exhibitions, company events, we can brand many of the games units to reflect your company brand, we can also design a tailored game to fit in with your campaign or brand awareness drive.

We can combine our funfair games, with rides, catering and photography services to provide you with a complete entertainments package anywhere in the U.K. or Europe.

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We Offer All The Old Favourite Traditional Funfair Games For Hire Throughout The U.K. And Europe Including Scotland, London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, The Midlands and The North East

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