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Del Boy and the rest of his family are true British treasures, and must surely be some of the best loved television characters of all time. The classic clips from the series are too numerous to mention, though falling through the bar counter, or the exploding dolls are surely 2 of the best.

Now you can treat your guests to this magical booth and bring a touch of the Trotters in, go on you know it makes sense, don't be a dipstick and pass this opportunity up.

We can help create the perfect event for you by personalising any of our booths. Whilst the Del Boy booth doesn't lend itself to being totally wrapped, it can be mildly themed to help promote a company or business.

It works really well when being used humorously, for instance we ran a promotion with a car leasing company along the lines of deal with the professionals or you could end up with a car like this.

Like all of our booth, the Del Boy booth can be supplied with a social media tablet, allowing your guests to spread the love via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

This works super well for corporate events, allowing branded images to be spread via social media to help create brand awareness and publicise your company.

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Del Boy Trotter Photo Booth Hire

The U.K.’s Only Del Boy Trotter Photo Booth For Hire.

Luvverly Jubberly, out of all the photo booths we offer, this is far and away everyones favourite. Loaded with props from the series, including Del Boy’s classic sheepskin jacket, and mobile phone, Grandads hat and Rodney’s combat jacket, this is a must for any fan of the series.

The integrated touch screen control system has been programmed with sound clips from the series, so be prepared to be called a plonker and a dipstick whilst having your photo taken. Nothing beats this for sheer fun, and if you are planning a corporate event or promotion, nothing attracts as much attention from the public as this iconic 3 wheeled van, go on, you know it makes sense.

Only Fools And Horses Photo Booth Hire

Cushty, our Only Fools and Horses photo booth comes with a fabulous range of themed props including;

  • Grandads Hat
  • Uncle Alberts Hat
  • Del Boys Sheepskin Coat, Mobile Phone and Filofax
  • A Trotter Crash Turban
  • A Russian Army Camcorder
  • Triggers Broom
  • A Blow Up Doll
  • Canary In A Cage

Of all the booths we offer, nothing creates a bigger impression than this 3 wheeled van, and for the record it isn’t a Robin Reliant, it is actually a Reliant Regal Supervan Mk III

Del Boy Trotter Themed Props

Our OFAH photo booth utilises professional grade equipment to offer the best photo booth experience possible, standard equipment includes;

  • Canon DSLR camera system (No web-cams here)
  • Dye Sub print system (Not outdated inkjets)
  • Integrated touch screen control system
  • Sound system with themed clips

The industry leading package of components provides hi resolution top quality prints every time.

We also offer an external photographer to take pictures of your guests stood in front of the van, this utilises the same dye sub print system and adds some extra wow factor to your photo booth experience.

As standard we offer an Only Fools and Horses themed print with for example the bride and grooms name, but we also offer a custom design service.

    All of our booths come with the following as standard;

  • Guest Book
  • Additional Print Package
  • Themed Prints
  • Themed Props
  • Booth Butler


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Del Boy Trotter Iconinc Booth
Our totally unique Only Fools and Horses photo booth can be hired in London, Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, The North East, The Midlands and the rest of the U.K. and Europe. If you are a Only Fools And Horses fan, then this booth is the perfect treat, ideal for military functions, weddings, parties, college balls, company fun days, corporate events, exhibitions and sales promotions.
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Some Of Our Corporate Clients

Del Boy “This time next year we will be millionaires”

Grandad “You said that this time last year”

Del Boy “Well your eating aren’t you, what more do you want”

Only Fools And Horses

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Del Boy Trotter Photo Booth Themed Print
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